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Get to Know ISS: New Staff

Have you ever experienced the joy of traveling, studying or living abroad?  Do you wonder about the inspiration that leads people to travel to “far off lands” and embrace the unknown? The International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) has the privilege to support international students and scholars at DePaul University.  The ISS team focuses on providing orientation, advising, and engagement opportunities to international students and scholars.  Within ISS, advisors play a key role by helping students achieve their personal and professional goals. Advisors assist students to maintain their visa status, integrate into the DePaul community and support with internships and post-graduation employment options.

Who are the advising staff who directly support our international student and scholar community?  Together, our advising staff speak 8 languages: Cantonese, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, German, Arabic and Spanish.  Each team member has also lived, studied, or worked abroad and brings rich international experience to our international students and scholars.

Anna M. Duong-Topp joined ISS from the University of Chicago and enjoys working with DePaul’s International Students as they transition to life in Chicago.  She brings a calming, kind and welcoming presence to our front desk customer service.  She serves as the ISS Intake Manager and Student Engagement Counselor. Anna says she chose DePaul because every single alum she met demonstrated excellent professionalism, kindness, and integrity.

Faye Yin first came to the U.S. as an exchange student and later transferred to DePaul to complete her degree.  Faye has first-hand experience with studying and living in the U.S. as an international student and uses that experience and cross-cultural skills in her role as ISS Advisor and SEVIS coordinator. Faye has a great passion for helping international students and trusts that her first-hand experience is an asset to her advising role.

Leslie Rutt spent her early childhood years in Hong Kong before her family immigrated to Toronto, Canada.  Leslie worked as a mental health counselor for immigrant and refugee children and families before joining DePaul.  Leslie also worked as an international student advisor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Leslie enjoys advising international students and learning about their stories and experiences; she currently serves as an ISS Advisor.

Victoria Goodman is excited to be back in Illinois after spending time living in Austria, Germany, Morocco, and Mississippi. Victoria was last at the University of Mississippi as an advisor, is passionate about the field of international education and loves learning, especially about new cultures and languages. Victoria chose DePaul due to its commitment to actively and intentionally bringing truth and compassionate justice to the world.

Gwen Gates has a wide range of teaching and supporting students for whom English is a second language. Gwen lived in South Korea for several years and for a semester in the Czech Republic. Gwen is continually impressed by international students’ courage and tenacity; she currently serves as an ISS Advisor.

Jill Nyhof, was recently promoted to Associate Director of Advising, ISS and manages the team.  Jill has been a member of the ISS team for five years, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Studies and a Master’s degree in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies.

How can you reach an ISS Advisor? Check out ISS Advising!  For more information on International Student and Scholar Services, please visit the ISS website:​