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Faculty Feature: Juan Mundel - Connecting the world through Public Relations & Advertising

Juan Mundel
Juan Mundel joined the DePaul community with his international wheels already in motion. Halfway through his second year as an Assistant Professor in the College of Communication, Dr. Mundel has already established two study abroad programs and a GLE course.

In his study abroad programs, Public Relations and Advertising students travel to Europe (Summer) and Latin America (December Intersession). “Students’ creativity grows a lot in the short time they are abroad,” says Dr. Mundel, “sometimes more than in the whole academic year.” In France, The Netherlands, and Spain: International Advertising - Creativity & Portfolio-Building Abroad, they examine the importance of local culture in international advertising. They work in agency-type teams across three weeks and three European destinations to adapt U.S. campaigns to local markets, European products for the U.S. market, and campaigns that span both the U.S. and Europe. In Argentina: International Social Marketing, students focus on marketing communications campaigns for the public good. They partner with local non-profit organizations in Buenos Aires and Córdoba to create social marketing campaigns. Dr. Mundel started versions of these programs as a graduate student at Michigan State and has adapted them for DePaul students.

Dr. Mundel is offering  a GLE in his Spring 2019 PRAD 335 Advertising and Society course. DePaul students are collaborating with peers from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam on a four-week advertising and society project. They will brand particular neighborhoods in Chicago and Amsterdam in ways that are meaningful and appealing across both cultures.

In addition to internationalizing the curriculum in the College of Communication, Dr. Mundel leads an international research team that investigates consumer consumption of affordable luxuries among millennials in four countries. He is a native of Argentina with research, study, teaching, and travel experience around the worl​d.