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Faculty Ambassador Program

Dr. Matthew Ragas from Faculty Ambassador Program
Dr. Ragas at St. George’s British International School in Rome

​In Fall 2021, like many students eager to study abroad, DePaul faculty were also looking to return to international travel. Three DePaul faculty members took advantage of their previously planned trips for research, vacation, and conferences to meet local students and promote DePaul. Serving as Faculty Ambassadors, these three faculty members visited high schools, spoke to students interested in studying in the United States and highlighted the good work we do at DePaul University. 

Dr. Joseph Tariman, Assistant Professor of Nursing was a Visiting Research Professor at Universidad de Salamanca, in Spain for the fall term. While there, Dr. Tariman also visited International College Spain in Madrid to speak to a group of students about the possibility of studying at DePaul and Chicago and was thrilled to find a student interested in DePaul’s Sports Management program. 

Carving some time out of a vacation to Italy, Dr. Matt Ragas, Associate Professor of Public Relations and Advertising, and Professional Communication visited St George's British International School near Rome. The students he visited came from European and Asian countries and were interested in studying Film, Music, and Theatre. 

Dr. Jin Man Lee, Research Director of the Institute for Housing Studies, and Clinical Professor of Economics spent the December break in Seoul, South Korea giving seminars to university students, and also made two Faculty Ambassador visits to Seoul Foreign School, a local high school to talk to prospective students there. The students were very interested in studying in Chicago, and were largely interested in STEM majors. As noted by Dr. Tariman, and Dr. Ragas, Dr. Lee also shared that the hosting high school was very warm and welcoming. We can only hope that some of these students will become future Blue Demons.​​