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English Language Academy Celebrates 20 Years

DePaul's English Language Academy (ELA) celebrated its 20th year of operation in September, and hosted an event for over 100 faculty, students, colleagues and friends. The ELA was established in 1996 as a pilot program to support international students seeking academic English support.

The ELA 20 year celebration
Over the past two decades, the ELA has become a tremendous asset for the university and a valuable resource for international students as they prepare for academic degree programs in the US. More than 4,300 students have passed through the ELA's doors and over 530 of them have gone on to complete degrees at DePaul. While the majority of students have come from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China and Taiwan, the ELA has always cultivated a highly diverse student body, enrolling students from more than 60 countries. The ELA is accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) and is a member of University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP).

Take a look at our ELA 20th Anniversary video: ​​​