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DePaul Welcomes New Group of International Students!

Students in front of the DePaul Center

International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) excitedly welcomed a new group of international students to DePaul this term orienting them through virtual and in-person sessions. Nearly two hundred students participated in the virtual orientation sessions, learning about Academic Success Resources, strategies for maintaining health and wellness at DePaul and in Chicago, as well as how to engage and connect with other DePaul students. Thanks to the reopening of campus, dozens of students also gathered downtown to engage in a variety of social activities, exploring Chicago.  Students were guided on a walking tour of the Loop, boated through the Chicago river on an Architecture Cruise, and dined on delicious food at a picnic.  ISS was enthused by students’ energy, smiles and presence back on campus, making it a great start to the 2021-2022 academic year.​​