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Introducing DePaul’s Virtual Global Study Initiative


students in virtual class

The challenge of a pandemic to international education sparked ideas for several innovative programs that will be incorporated into Global Engagement’s existing portfolio. One such program, created by our Study Abroad team, is a new Virtual Global Study initiative, which provides grant funding for faculty to enhance existing classes with virtual international activities.  While the existing Global Learning Experience (GLE) program is designed to foster international classroom-to-classroom collaborations, Virtual Global Study provides funding and logistical assistance to support a wide variety of virtual international speakers, activities, and projects. Two pilot VGS programs are running this winter:

  • Nur Uysal, associate professor in the College of Communication, has been utilizing Virtual Global Study grant funding in her winter quarter International Public Relations class to help students follow recent trends and innovations in public relations around the world.  By bringing in virtual guest speakers from Brazil and Russia to facilitate a workshop on recent PR campaigns and explain social media and influencer marketing, students have been exposed to prominent international experts in the field and engaged in meaningful, interactive global activities.
  • Cathy Ann Elias, professor in the School of Music, is currently using Virtual Global Study funds to bring four Brazilian experts—a dancer, a singer-songwriter, an expert in Liberation theology, and a performer of Carnival music—to her winter quarter Honors class, Brazil: Song and dance define a Nation.  This has provided a wonderful opportunity for cultural and social engagement with Brazil and interaction with Brazilians passionate about their cultural heritage.​