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Upcoming Faculty Workshop – “Reflecting on Inclusivity in your Teaching”

The Center for Teaching and Learning will be offering a 2-hour faculty workshop on November 8 and 9 entitled “Reflecting on Inclusivity in your Teaching.” This workshop will provide an opportunity for instructors to reflect on how they approach inclusivity in the classroom, and learn new strategies for a more inclusive environment. The workshop will provide practical and easy-to-use advice for identifying areas in our teaching that could make all students feel heard and appreciated. Using case scenarios, small group discussions and best-practices, instructors will develop strategies they can apply to any class, regardless of subject matter. Additionally, participants will receive resources they can apply to their teaching and course material preparation.

To register for Nov. 8, 12-2pm in Lincoln Park (Richardson Library, Idea Lab 2 - JTR 207) click here.

To register for Nov. 9 12-2pm in the Loop (DePaul Center, Room #11013), click here.​