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Supporting faculty in a global classroom

As DePaul continues working to increase international enrollment, faculty are now teaching in increasingly global classrooms.  This increase in diversity provides great perspectives and learning opportunities for students, but it can be a challenge for faculty who may not feel prepared for that shift in student demographics. With the goal of better preparing and supporting faculty, Global Engagement formed a committee with wide representation across the university to develop resources and workshops to aid in that goal. Drawing from their respective disciplines and research, the committee developed the Teaching in a Global Classroom Teaching Guide for the Teaching Commons. The guide includes pages that explore cultural assumptions, inclusive teaching and learning best practices, and programs and support available at DePaul.

In addition to the Teaching Commons page, the committee has produced four workshops aimed at supporting faculty’s work with global classrooms. The first two workshops, facilitated by Mark Lazio—University Center for Writing-based Learning and Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse—were offered online in December and explored effective assignment design and effective feedback practices for a global classroom. The second two workshops, facilitated by Christina Gamiño—Driehaus—and Kathy Larson—English Language Academy—were offered February (“Knowing Your International Students: Building Intercultural Competence”) and in April (“Engaging & Supporting International Students in and Out of the Classroom”).

The committee continues to develop resources, programs, and support, so visit the P​rograms Page and the Support Services P​age on the Teaching Commons for more resources, services, upcoming events, or to contact committee members.

-Mark Lazio