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Student and Faculty Mobility

Spring Quarter 2021

  • DePaul’s international student enrollment decreased 9% year-over-year from 1,814 in Spring 2020 to 1,644 in Spring 2021, but remained diverse, coming from 109 different countries around the world.
  • CDM maintains the highest percentage of international students at 28% compared to last year’s 28.6%
  • We had 63 students participate in 5 virtual study abroad programs in Spring 2021, led by faculty in the College of Business, Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media ​, and the College of Law.
  • Another 10 students participated in the Virtual Internship program this spring.
  • And, we expect another 33 students to be awarded Global Fluency Certificate this Spring or Summer, which brings our total number to 89 students since its inception.