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Global Learning Experience (GLE) updates

DePaul's Global Learning Experience program continues to grow. In AY2016-2017 a total of 17 courses across a variety of disciplines (Anthropology, Communications, Education, English, Film Scoring, Hospitality, Information Systems, Italian, Political Science, Public Service, Spanish and more) contained a GLE component and for AY2017-18, currently scheduled are five GLE courses for Fall, one for Winter and seven for Spring. The most current list of past and upcoming GLE courses can be found h​​ereFaculty interested in implementing international virtual collaborations into their courses are welcome to apply for the upcoming Winter/Spring 2018 GLE faculty development program. The application deadline is January 26 and the program will run from February 26 till March 9. For more information about the GLE program, please click here.

Update on tagging of global courses 
With the assistance of all the Colleges and the Comprehensive Internationalization Committee we have started the tagging of courses with global learning content, within PeopleSoft. Global learning courses from all colleges, with the exception of LAS, are already tagged and we plan to complete the work by the end of Fall quarter.