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Student Feature: Beemnet Desta

picture of student Teodora Preradovic
At DePaul, Beement Desta has not only built her own global community but has also been involved in the process of supporting other international students. Hailing from Ethiopia, Beemnet graduated with a degree in Data Science from DePaul University in June 2023 and is currently pursuing a master's in data science with a marketing concentration. Since the start of her career at DePaul, her global journey has been marked by active involvement in various international initiatives, shaping her academic and personal growth.

Beemnet's global engagement began in her freshman year when she participated in the former Global DePaul EDGE scholarship program (designed to hone career skills) where-in she experienced multifaceted ways of international life at DePaul. Since then, she has stood out from her peers, by becoming  an integral part of the university's global community, transitioning from an international student to an international peer advisor to her current role as an engagement coordinator for Global DePaul. Additionally, she contributes her skills to the student workers team at the International Students and Scholar Services (ISS) front desk, creating a diverse and enriching experience for herself and her peers. 

Beemnet’s positive presence and consistent contributions to the Global Engagement division make her a stand-out student and an important part of this team. Having participated in nearly all Global DePaul programs including but not limited to Global Coffee Hour, ISEE (International Students Experience Exchange) and MEAL with DePaul, Beemnet finds joy in organizing events that encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and build valuable connections. For her, the impact of these programs extends beyond the events themselves, to the positive transformations she witnesses in her fellow students.

Reflecting on her favorite memories, she says “I love doing what I do because I love seeing our students get out of their comfort zone and network. I love seeing their smiles at the end of our events and see that it actually has made a difference.”  The meaningful connections she has formed with coworkers and volunteers have evolved into friendships that go beyond the professional realm. For her, this experience has fostered empathy, open-mindedness, and patience, enriching her understanding of people from diverse backgrounds.

Beemnet's story mirrors the global engagement ethos at DePaul, where students like her actively contribute to a vibrant and interconnected community. Her dedication to facilitating impactful interactions has undoubtedly left a lasting imprint on the university's global initiatives.