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Faculty Feature: Dr. Vahap Uysal

picture of student Teodora Preradovic
Navigating the ever-changing landscape of academia requires individuals with an unwavering commitment to fostering international collaborations and cultivating a global mindset among students. Dr. Vahap Uysal, the Director of International Programs for the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University, stands as an engaged global leader fostering the internationalization of business education.

In his multifaceted role as the Director of International Programs, Dr. Uysal is responsible for a broad portfolio, from serving as the College representative on the Globalization Task Force,  to managing the three graduate programs, MBA, MS- Finance, and MS Human Relations, offered by  the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in Bahrain. In his approach to this position, Dr. Uysal goes beyond simply establishing and managing conventional partnerships, but also focuses on creating diverse learning opportunities for students. His aim is to immerse students in cross-cultural experiences not only by broadening their horizons, but also by preparing them to navigate the intricacies of today's interconnected business world. 

Originally from Turkey, Dr. Uysal envisions a future where DePaul students actively engage in and contribute to global initiatives. Through meticulously designed study abroad programs, internships with international firms, and active participation in global conferences, he ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the fields of finance and risk management across various cultural contexts.

These transformative experiences not only enhance students’ skills but also equip them with a global perspective crucial for success in the contemporary business landscape. The director's commitment to fostering cultural exchange is exemplified by personally hosting students for "MEAL with DePaul" and offering a comforting environment and a homely meal away from home for students celebrating Ramadan. Inspired by his own impactful experience as an international student at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by a friend, Dr. Uysal, in collaboration with Professor Nur Uysal, intentionally creates these informal spaces as platforms for building understanding and appreciation within the DePaul community.

Taking a global lens, Dr. Uysal's influence extends to directing a study abroad program focused on Hong Kong and Taiwan, titled "Hong Kong & Taiwan: Financial Services." This immersive program provides students with invaluable insights into the global finance industry and connects them with potential internships. Students also develop a deep understanding of how global financial service firms help local and international customers, all while tasting traditional food, conversing with local communities, and visiting historical sites.

His personal engagement with global affairs surfaced again recently when his homeland was hit by a tragic earthquake in February 2023. Together with other faculty members of Turkish descent he collaborated in organizing a vigil for the DePaul community. His direct efforts to raise funds for the victims of that tragedy were recognized by a DePaul Public Service award.

Peering into the future, Dr. Uysal's ambitious goals include expanding the network of international partnerships, crafting more experiential learning opportunities, and fostering a globally inclusive environment at DePaul. His vision centers on cultivating well-rounded professionals equipped with a profound understanding of international business practices, contributing not only to the success of graduates but also elevating the global standing of the university.

 In the dynamic realm of global engagement at DePaul, Dr. Vahap Uysal's leadership serves as a
guiding force, shaping the trajectory of business education. His dedication to fostering a global mindset and facilitating meaningful international connections is integral to preparing DePaul students to thrive in the ever-evolving global economy.