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Faculty Feature: Dr. Margaret Workman

​​At DePaul University, faculty members like Dr. Margaret Workman are actively engaged in global initiatives to address pressing issues such as climate change and sustainability. Through her collaborations with international partners, Dr. Workman has spearheaded projects that emphasize the importance of global interconnectedness and interdependencies. Her efforts have allowed students to gain firsthand knowledge of the impacts of climate change and develop sustainable strategies to address these challenges. Let's explore Dr. Workman's inspiring journey and her significant contributions to global engagement.

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Recognizing the transformative impact of a global perspective, Dr. Workman incorporated GLE elements into her “Energy and the Environment” class. This approach deepened their understanding of the subject matter and instilled a sense of urgency and responsibility to address these global challenges. She shared, “I have found that including the global perspective in my classes has dramatically increased the richness of the experience for the students.  Prior to incorporating GLE into my Energy class I would list the impacts of fossil fuel use as bullet points on a slide.  Now, the students are interviewing people and hearing first hand those impacts.  It is providing a human perspective to these issues rather than just a bullet point on a slide.  They can see that friends, family, and other communities are actually being impacted.  It makes the issue real for them.”

Dr. Workman is currently working on a potential GLE project where students would serve as mentors to community members and conduct training workshops on environmental testing. This project would empower students to develop training materials and engage in hands-on activities related to water, soil, air, and other environmental assessments. By expanding their knowledge and skills, students will contribute to sustainable strategies to address environmental impacts not only in their local communities but also globally.

Dr. Workman is also actively involved as a member of a team working on a National Geographic Explorer Grant, which is a community impact campaign focused on climate change and sustainability. The team is producing a short film that highlights the impacts of climate change, which will be followed by discussion sessions involving community members, civil organizations, and government officials. This initiative showcases Dr. Workman's dedication to raising awareness and fostering dialogue on critical global issues.

She has also participated three times in the Global Conversations initiative with her GLE partners, facilitating dialogues for students on topics such as climate change, science based interventions and global hunger. Her wealth of knowledge, remarkable abilities, and warm demeanor have been instrumental in creating positive and enriching experiences for students. We eagerly anticipate the forthcoming opportunities to continue learning from her invaluable wisdom and expertise.