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FY@broad New Programs

FY@broad programs combine a Focal Point seminar with travel abroad to enhance students' learning. At the end of the designated course, students travel abroad with the faculty member who taught the course, as well as a staff professional, spending approximately 10 days visiting the very sites they have read and written about in the course.

The number of FY@broad programs has been growing for the past three years.  During Spring Break/Summer 2015, we ran  4 programs, with 58 students participating. The number of programs grew to 5 in Spring Break/Summer 2016, with 64 students participating.  In 2017, we will be running again 5 programs.

In 2017, there will be two new FY@broad programs:
  • LSP 112 and ANT 397- Pilgrimage, Religion and Popular Culture: Abrahamic Paris
    • Running Spring Break 2017
    • This nine-day trip, led by Religious Studies faculty David Wellman, will explore the modern city of Paris through the lens of four living communities - the Union Liberale de Paris' Copernic Synagogue, Eglise Saint Merry, La Grande Mosquee de Paris, and a constellation of Parisian Atheists. This trip will give students the opportunity to encounter Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Atheism through the eyes of Parisians on the ground as a lens to understanding how people across the European Union negotiate the challenges of living in a 21st century pluralistic Europe.
  • LSP 112 and ANT 397- The Stones of Jerusalem
    • Running Summer 2017 (deadline February 1st)
    • In this course, led by Lisa Mahoney from History of Art & Architecture, students will appreciate why Jerusalem has always been one of the most coveted cities in the world, although it lies on no major road, contains few natural resources, and has only one perennial spring, by studying its political, religious, and cultural history and finally by walking its streets, monuments, quarries, aqueducts, and cemeteries.