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Assessment Support

Leadership and direction for assessment policies and procedures at DePaul University are provided by the Assessment Advisory Board, and members of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Assessment Consultations

If you are looking for ideas or guidance on a topic relating to assessment, the Assessment Consultant (Kendra Knight) is available to consult with you via Zoom, by phone, and through email. Past consultations have focused on:

  • Planning an assessment project
  • Articulating learning outcomes
  • Developing or revising assessment methods
  • Exploring new assessment methods
  • Engaging faculty in assessment projects
  • Developing rubrics to assess student learning
  • Developing materials related to assessment for Academic Program Review
  • Creating curriculum maps
  • Completing assessment planning documents
  • Locating existing institutional data which may support assessment projects
  • Completing annual assessment reports

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Specialized Workshops

In addition to individual consultations, the Assessment Consultant (Kendra Knight) can collaborate with you to design specialized workshops to address an assessment topic relevant to your department or program. These can be tailored to reflect the scholarship of teaching and learning in your field or to focus on a more general topic of interest or concern to you and your colleagues.

Considerations About Privacy

The Center for Teaching and Learning's assessment support services are strictly for the purpose of professional development and all conversations, emails, and documents pertaining to consultations or requests for assessment workshops are confidential. Confidentiality will be maintained, except when required by legal regulations or university policies. Considerations about privacy and confidentiality with regard to our assessment services are guided by: