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Advisory Board

The Assessment Advisory Board is a representative group of individuals from units across DePaul University responsible for program-level assessment of curricular and co-curricular student learning. This group makes decisions related to the policies and practices surrounding DePaul’s assessment of student learning outcomes. This group also helps guide DePaul in developing best practices and ensuring every college or unit involved in student learning has access to the same information and resources to support DePaul’s commitment to high quality, meaningful assessment of student learning.


Membership on the Assessment Advisory Board includes (but is not limited to) at least one representative from each college or co-curricular unit who feels they contribute to student learning. AY 2023-2024 members:

Academic Affairs* Caryn Chaden*
Campus Recreation Samantha Glennon
Center for Teaching & Learning* Sharon Guan*
College of Communication Kendra Knight
College of Computing and Digital Media Terry Steinbach
College of Education Barbara Rieckoff
Jordan Humphrey
College of Law Max Helveston
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences John Shanahan
College of Science & Health Rick Niedziela
Driehaus College of Business Suzanne Fogel
Felicia Richardson-McGee
Institutional Research & Marketing Analytics* Joe Filkins*
Liberal Studies Program Reina Ashley Nomura
Mission & Ministry Katie Brick
School for Continuing & Professional Studies Arieahn Matamonasa
School of Music Jacki Kelly-McHale
Student Affairs* Katy Weseman
The Theatre School Dean Corrin
University Library Jen Schwartz

*Indicates ex-officio (non-voting) member

Assessment Reports by Program

Advisory Board members and other authorized users may view assessment reports by program. To request access, email Advisory Board members may use the Assessment Report Submission Guide to learn how to create and upload assessment reports to the repository.

Recognition and Awards

The Advisory Board also recognizes outstanding efforts by individuals and units to advance the culture and practice of assessment at DePaul University.

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