The first floor of Munroe Hall is home to three of our conference rooms. The Munroe rooms feature two foldable walls that expand to section off one large space into three smaller rooms. The walls can be removed to utilize two of the rooms at one time or all three.

Munroe Hall
Hold mouse on image and drag to view room. Use SHIFT & CTRL to zoom.

Maximum Capacity per setup
Rooms 114-116 (all three rooms combined)
Theater Style: 90
Classroom: 60
Open Square: 40
U-Shape: 35
Empty: 90

Rooms 114-115 or 115-116 (two of the rooms combined)
Theater Style: 60
Classroom: 40
Open Square: 30
U-Shape: 27
Empty: 60

Rooms 114, 115 or 116 (one room by itself)
Theater Style: 30
Classroom: 20
Open Square: 20
U-Shape: 18
Empty: 30

All rooms can be equipped with:

  • LCD projector w/screen
  • DVD
  • VHS
  • CD Player
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Flip Chart