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Policies & Procedures

The following policies, procedures, and guidelines pertain directly to the work of the Office of Research Services. Numerous other policies potentially apply to research or teaching activities and grants management at DePaul, depending upon the nature of the projects involved.

For example, Principal Investigators with grant staff should be familiar with all of the Office of Human Resources policies that address hiring and supervision.

For a complete list, see the University Policies & Procedures.

ORS Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Brief Description
Administration of Externally Funded Grants and Contracts Facilitates the effective management of grant and contract proposals and awards at DePaul by delineating the roles and responsibilities of DePaul faculty, staff, and administrators involved in the management process.
Charging Administrative Costs to Federal Grant Awards Explains how administrative costs are typically recovered using DePaul’s negotiated indirect cost rate and describes situations in which such costs may appropriately be included in the “direct cost” portion of a project budget if soundly documented.
Charging Costs to Federal Grant Awards: General Standards Surveys the general standards that must be met in order to charge a cost to a federal grant award.
Charging Costs to Federal Grant Awards: Guidance on Particular Cost Items Provides guidance on whether particular cost items may be charged to a federal grant award.
Conflict of Interest in Externally Sponsored Projects Promotes objectivity in the conduct of externally sponsored projects at DePaul by requiring disclosure of certain Significant Financial Interests (SFIs) so that those which pose conflicts of interest can be managed.
Conflict of Interest in Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Research Helps to ensure that research at DePaul which is funded under Public Health Service (PHS) grants and cooperative agreements is free from bias resulting from Investigator financial conflicts of interest.
Cost Sharing Guidelines Promotes a shared understanding among Principal Investigators, grants staff, and administrators regarding how cost sharing is proposed, approved, administered, and accounted for at DePaul.
Cost Transfers Promotes the use of costs transfers in a manner consistent with federal requirements and with DePaul’s stewardship responsibility for all of its sponsored funds.
IACUC Policies & Procedures DePaul's IACUC policies and procedures that are applicable to activities that involve research, research training, teaching, experimentation, biological testing, exhibition, and related activities with live vertebrate animals.
IBC Policies & Procedures DePaul's IBC policies and procedures that are applicable to activities that involve acquisition, use, and disposal of biohazardous and select agents.
IRB Guidance Guidance that is applicable to the DePaul human subject research program.
IRB Policies & Procedures DePaul's IRB policies and procedures that are applicable research activities involving human subjects.
Issuing & Monitoring Federal Subawards Describes procedures DePaul follows for the issuing and monitoring of federal subawards in a manner compliant with the new Uniform Administrative Requirements.
Meeting the NIH Requirement for Instruction in RCR

Provides guidance to Principal Investigators in fulfilling the requirement for instruction in the responsible conduct of research that applies to certain NIH grant awards.
Payments to Research Participants Guidelines
​Outline the rules for payments made to human research subjects in accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax laws.
Guidance on Program Income Establishes guidelines for identifying, managing, and reporting on program income that are consistent with federal regulations.
Plan to Provide RCR Training & Oversight Describes DePaul’s plan for providing NSF-required training and oversight in the responsible conduct or research (RCR) to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers who will be supported by NSF to carry out research.
Research Misconduct

Describes procedures to be used for inquiring into and, if necessary, fairly investigating and resolving instances of alleged research misconduct.
Time and Effort Certification
​Verifies for the sponsoring agency that the salary cost charged to your sponsored project is reasonably consistent with the amount of effort actually being committed to it.
Treatment of Unallowable Costs Facilitates the identification of unallowable costs and the proper accounting treatment of them to help ensure that such costs are not charged directly or indirectly to federal grant awards.