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Preparing Subcontracts

Sub-contr​actors are normally written into a proposal and approved within the primary agreement between DePaul University and the Sponsoring Agency. The unanticipated use of Subcontractors/Subgrantees after a grant is awarded almost always requires sponsor approval.

Once approval is granted for the use of a subcontractor, and it has been determined that a subcontract is the most appropriate method to establish a working relationship under a grant, the following processes apply:

Subcontracts Issued Under Federal Grants

DePaul follows procedures for the issuing and monitoring of federal subawards that are compliant with federal rules and regulations, including the new Uniform Administrative Requirements (2 CFR 200) issued by the Office of Management and Budget. These procedures include a delineation of roles and responsibilities that facilitates cooperation among grants staff in Restricted Accounting, the Office of Research Services (ORS), and Principal Investigators (PIs) managing federal grant projects. 

Other Subcontracts

  1. Contact Post Award Services at ORS to request that a subagreement be prepared. ORS will require the PI to provide the following information:
    • The applicable Project/Grant number
    • The name and address of the subgrantee
    • The name of the principal contact
    • Any key personnel
    • The amount of the subagreement
    • Budget
    • Any reports required from subgrantee
    • Payment schedule
    • Electronic copy of the scope of work
  2. With this information, ORS prepares a subgrant based either on the university's proprietary subgrant format, the original grant agreement with the sponsor, or a combination of both depending on the provisions required by the sponsor.
  3. This subgrant is shown to the Principal Investigator before finalization. Unless otherwise specified by the sponsor, the signatories will be the authorized representatives from DePaul University (Vice President for Academic Affairs) and the Subgrantee. ORS sends the subcontract document to the recipient organization for countersignature.
  4. Once the subagreement has been signed and returned to ORS, a copy is provided to the Principal Investigator by ORS.
  5. The Principal Investigator then enters the subagreement data into the e-Procurement system so that the total amount of the subagreement can be encumbered. A copy of the subagreement is then forwarded by the Principal Investigator to the Procurement and Payment Department of the DePaul University Financial Affairs.

Please Note: The Principal Investigator is responsible for initiating timely payment to the subgrantee for work undertaken. He/she either prepares a Voucher Payment Request request upon receipt of appropriate deliverables, or approves invoices as they arrive.

ORS is responsible for obtaining the subgrantee's audit reports if required.