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Financial Reports

​​​​The most important tools at the Principal Investigator's disposal in determining project status and implementation progress are the reports which obtain their information from the BlueSky system. All Principal Investigators are granted access to view these reports and can delegate the access rights to others as they are identified.

Accessing BlueSky Financial Reports

1. Log in to the Campus Connect​ using your UserID and Password

2. Select the BlueSky tile

3. Follow the Guidelines for PI Grant Reports

PIs have access to 4 reports to support financial monitoring: DePaul Grant Report, DePaul Cost Sharing Report, Payroll Costing Report, Position Costing Report ​

Two of the most helpful reports and the information contained therein are:​

  DePaul Grant Report

    • Total expenses incurred in the project
    • Amount remaining
    • Itemized expenses in current fiscal year
  • Payroll Costing Report

    • Individual(s) assigned to positions
    • Distribution % of position charged to project
    • Amount charged in current fiscal year to both labor & benefits by individual

If the Principal Investigator would like to provide access to other individuals, please complete this form.