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Financial Reports

The most important tools at the Principal Investigator's disposal in determining project status and implementation progress are the reports which obtain their information from the PeopleSoft system. All Principal Investigators are granted access to view these reports and can delegate the access rights to others as they are identified.

Accessing MOBIUS Financial Reports

  • 1. Log in to the Campus Connect​ using your UserID and Password
  • 2. Open the menu selection entitled "Self Service"
  • 3. Under "Reports", select "Financials"

A window will then open which displays the various reports available for viewing. Each report is identified by the type of information it contains and the period for which it is valid. To find out the most recent information, click on the report associated with the current fiscal year.

Two of the most helpful reports and the information contained therein are:

  • Statement of Activities

    • Total expenses incurred in the project
    • Amount remaining
    • Itemized expenses in current fiscal year
    • Record of budget changes
    • Summarized historical changes

      *Updated daily 24 hours following transactions

  • Position/Employee Report

    • Listing of positions charging to project
    • Individual(s) assigned to positions
    • Distribution % of position charged to project
    • Amount charged in current fiscal year to both labor & benefits by individual

       *Updated monthly following closing of month's accounts

After selecting the report desired, a listing of the Projects by DepartmentID to which the employee has access will appear. Statements of Activities for Grant funded projects will have a six-digit DepartmentID followed by a six-digit grant number.

  • Statement of Activity Reports for operational or departmentally funded activities will appear only as a six-digit DepartmentID number.
  • Statement of Activity Reports for cost share funded projects will be identified by "CS" following the grant number.
  • Position/Employee Reports do not have six-digit grant identifiers. The unique DepartmentID assigned to the project is the only number displayed. Sponsor-funded and cost-share positions are distinguished as separate pages within the one report.

If the Principal Investigator does not see a grant report available that he/she should have access to, please contact the DePaul University Information Services / Administrative Computing.

For a Step-By-Step Guide to Opening and Reading Mobius Reports, please click here.​