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Safety Tips


Travel in groups through well-lit and high traffic areas after dark. We also recommend:
  • ​​At the Lincoln Park campus, use the safety escort service​, available from 6pm - 6am, 7 days a week  
  • To travel between Lincoln Park and Loop campuses, use the inter-campus shuttle​, available from 4pm - 10pm, Monday through Thursday
  • ​​To​ travel to residential destinations just outside the boundaries of Lincoln Park, use the Vinnie Van​ service
  • ​For safety information while riding the CTA, please visit:  Security - CTA (

​If driving to campus, park in well-lighted areas, do not leave packages or valuables visible within the car, and always lock your vehicle. For information on parking permits at the Lincoln Park campus, visit Parking Services

If biking to campus, always use a strong bike lock, such as a U-Lock. Use bike corrals​ if riding to the Lincoln Park campus.​​​​ For more bike safety tips, visit:  Theft Prevention – Chicago Complete Streets. ​ Please register your bike​ as soon as possible wit​h the City of Chicago. If something would happen to your bike your registration form will assist the Chicago Police Department in a speedier attempt to recover your bike.

Secure Your Valuables

  • Do not leave valuables unattended, even for short periods of time. Keep in mind, there is public traffic through many of our buildings.
  • An unlocked and unattended office area is an open invitation for anyone who might wish to take advantage of the situation. Double check your lock on the way out.
  • Try to carry a minimum amount of cash and credit cards.  Remember, no amount of property is as valuable as your life.

Situational Awareness and Reporting​

  • Alertness, confidence, and trust in your instincts are your best resources.
  • Study in open areas around other people. An isolated, empty classroom might be quiet but it is not as safe and secure as a general area.
  • Note the location of phones and emergency call boxes​ on campus and don't be afraid to use them if the need arises.
  • Report any criminal activity or suspicious individuals to Public Safety at 773-325-7777 (Lincoln Park) or 312-362-8400 (Loop)