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Safety Tips

In an urban environment crime is a fact of life. Your effort to avoid becoming a victim is a large step towards beating the odds of victimization. Alertness, confidence, and trust in your instincts are your best resources. We have a few tips on personal safety for you: 
  1. Thieves are looking for an opportunity...for easy prey. Leaving your valuables unattended even for a short time opens the opportunity window to the wily. Since there is so much public traffic through our buildings, community members should not get too comfortable and forget that valuables, particularly small items, can easily be concealed and lifted.
  2. An unlocked and unattended office area is an open invitation for anyone who might wish to take advantage of the situation for undue gain. Double check your lock on the way out. 
  3. Study in open areas around other people. An isolated, empty classroom might be quiet but it is not as safe and secure as a general area.
  4. After you have locked your locker, give the lock a good tug to insure that it has caught then give the tumbler a spin.
  5. If you must work late, let our office know where you are working. We will keep an eye out for you.
  6. Try to carry the minimum of cash and credits on you.
  7. Travel with friends. Avoid people on the street who you feel might present a problem.
  8. Park in well-lighted areas, don't leave packages or items visible within the car and double check those locks.
  9. A strong and sturdy chain or anti-theft device, along with a good lock, should stop any bike thief.
  10. Note the location of house phones and emergency call boxes and don't be afraid to use them if the need arises. 
  11. Let us know about suspicious individuals or activity. Please report any and all crime. 
  12. No amount of property is as valuable as your life. 

​Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration​ with the City of Chicago will soon be available online. Please register your bike today by visiting the closest district station. If something would happen to your bike your registration form will assist the Chicago Police Department in a speedier attempt to recover your bike.