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Report a Crime

To report a crime or emergency at a Chicago Campus call:

Lincoln Park Campus: (773) 325-7777
Loop Campus: (312)362-8400

To report a crime or emergency at the Rosalind Franklin Campus call:

Rosalind Franklin Campus Security: (847) 578-3288
North Chicago Police and Fire Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency Police: (847) 596-8774
Non-Emergency Fire: (847) 596-8780

If you're a victim of theft:

If you have been a victim of a property theft crime please take a few moments to read the following. The Public Safety Department regrets your loss and wishes to assist you in every way possible. The following information may be of assistance to you:

  • If they have been stolen, cancel all credit cards, checks and bank cards. This should be done by phone and followed up by a letter.
  • Notify someone immediately to watch your home if your keys have been taken. Be sure to change your locks on all doors.
  • Make a report with the Chicago Police Department (dial 311) and with the DePaul Public Safety Department.
  • Report a stolen drivers license to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • Report the loss of a voter registration card.
  • Serial numbers are important in the recovery of stolen property. Stolen items are recovered and can be traced by their serial numbers. It is important that you know the serial numbers of your equipment. You may report them after the initial report has been made.
  • DePaul University does not carry insurance for the theft of personal property. If personal property has been stolen from you, we suggest that you contact your insurance agent for possible coverage from your homeowners or automobile insurance.
  • If the Public Safety Department can be of any other assistance or you have any other information that you would like to give us, please call us at (773) 325-7777 (Lincoln Park) or (312) 362-8400 (Loop).