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Campus Crime Activity

Lincoln Park


   August 09-August 15

  • Aug. 11 DePaul Public Safety received a report of thefts from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

  • Aug. 13 A Criminal Damage to Property report was filed at 900 W Fullerton.

  • Aug. 13 A Criminal Trespass Warning was issued to a person in the Art Gallery.

  • Aug. 15 A Disturbance was reported in Arts & Letters.​ 



August 09-August 15

  • Aug. 09 A Deceptive Practices report was filed regarding an individual attempting to use counterfeit money in the DePaul Center.

  • Aug. 10 A Criminal Trespass to Land warning was issued to a person in the DePaul Center library restroom.

  • Aug. 10 A Theft report was filed in the DePaul Center. Complainant stated that when she returned to retrieve her laptop, it had been taken by persons unknown. 

  • Aug. 11 A Threats by Electronic means report was filed at the Loop Campus. Offender sent threatening messages to the complainant.

  • Aug. 13 A Theft was reported from University Center.

  • Aug. 15 A Criminal Damage report was filed regarding graffiti on the CDM Building.​