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DePaul University’s Public Safety Office, guided by ethical, legal and professional standards, strives to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for the students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbors, and to protect university property.

Philosophy and Identity

As an urban, Catholic and Vincentian institution of higher education, DePaul University is committed to providing an environment that fosters respect for the dignity of the individual balanced by attention to the safety of a community where members come to live, work and study. Further, recognizing its responsibility to the larger community, DePaul strives to create and maintain a dynamic atmosphere that is diverse, safe and secure. DePaul University’s Loop campus is located in the south end of Chicago's downtown area. Five miles to the north is the Lincoln Park campus.


  1. Protection of life and property.
  2. Prevention of crime.
  3. Preservation of the peace.
  4. Enforcement of all laws and ordinances.
  5. Excellence in the performance of duties.
  6. Excellence in interaction with students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  7. Educate the DePaul community to become more safety conscious.
  8. Develop and foster relationships with internal and external constituents.

Law Enforcement Authority and Interagency Relationships

Public Safety officers have completed the state-approved training as provided by Section 28 of the Illinois Private Security Act of 1993 and Section 24-2(6) of the Illinois Criminal Code. DePaul Public Safety officers are not armed. Municipal and State Police officers, as defined by the Illinois Criminal Law and Procedure (720 ILC 5/24-2), who are employed as part-time public safety officers, are permitted to carry arms. Public safety officers are not sworn police officers, nor do they have arrest powers. They detain individuals for the Chicago Police Department.

DePaul's campuses and suburban facilities are located in cities with well-trained, responsive police and fire departments equipped to handle all emergencies. If a major or serious crime occurs at any DePaul campus, the police in that jurisdiction will, once on the scene, take control of the situation as provided by law.

DePaul University Public Safety Department relies on the Chicago Police Department for assistance in formulating crime prevention techniques and in planning for the future. The Public Safety Department has an excellent working relationship with both the Chicago Police and Fire Departments where assistance and support can be obtained immediately. 

Except as noted below, DePaul Public Safety officers will report all felonies and serious misdemeanors, which are reported to them or they observe or view, to the Chicago Police Department ("CPD") via 911 as soon as possible, regardless of whether the victim/complainant wishes to cooperate in the investigation or has a change of mind about reporting the crime. If the victim/complainant leaves the scene and/or refuses to talk to CPD or DePaul Public Safety, the Public Safety reports should indicate so and Jane and/or John Doe can be substituted if names are not known. The supervising Public Safety officer will also be notified and report to the scene to assist in the investigation. 

In cases involving sexual violence, in general, a survivor may choose whether or not to file a report with local law enforcement. Public Safety will assist a survivor in filing this report if they choose to do so. If they choose not to file a report with local law enforcement, they may still file a report with DePaul Public Safety. As noted above, this report with DePaul Public Safety may be confidentially filed as Jane Doe or John Doe report.

In certain very narrow circumstances involving sexual violence, Public Safety may be required to contact local law enforcement; for example, if there is evidence of a domestic battery, Public Safety is required by state law to contact Chicago Police, who will investigate and possibly make arrests. 

For lesser misdemeanors against DePaul University, e.g. minor damage to property, the Public Safety officer will check with his/her supervisor concerning reporting to CPD. 

For lesser misdemeanors perpetrated against a person (student, faculty, staff or visitor), the victim should be encouraged and assisted by Public Safety to report the crime to CPD. If the victim refuses to notify the police, Public Safety will indicate "victim refuses" in the report and report it to the CPD if warranted or deemed advisable by the Director of Public Safety. 

Crimes that occur off-campus should be reported to local municipal authorities and Public Safety. DePaul partners with CPD regarding crimes that occur off campus involving students.