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DPU Alert & Emergency Contact Information

There are two equally critical places students need to submit contact information to help DePaul University help to take care of YOU and DePaul.  Both are in Campus Connect  under the students' “My Profile" section.  See details about each below and follow the directions to sign up:

DPU Alert - DePaul's Emergency Notification System

Signing up ensures you will be notified of any emergency situations that require your awareness or direct you to take steps to keep yourself/your community safe.  While we ask that you provide your personal cell phone and email address, you may also add additional numbers and email addresses – such as parents or guardians.   Students can go to Campus Connect under “My Profile" and “DPU/Academic Alert" to submit your personal contact information. 

Consider adding an entry for DPU Alert in your contacts. The number for voice messages originates from (312) 362-6226. Text messages will typically originate from 89361. Email messages will be sent from "DPU Alert" at Neither the phone number nor the email address will accept replies. 

Personal Emergency Contact Information

Students need to provide personal emergency contact information for DePaul to reach out to when an emergency arises.  This is most often a parent or guardian.  Students can go to Campus Connect under “My Profile" and “Emergency Contacts" to enter your emergency contacts.

Detailed steps to sign up for DPU Alert: 

  1. Log into Campus Connect. 
    • Students: Select the Profile tile, then choose DPU/Academic Alert
    • Faculty/Staff:  Go to the homepage of "My BlueSky", then select DPU Alert
  2. To add an email address or phone number, click the + icon in the corresponding section and complete the pop-up window. Click Save when completed.
    • Note:  Enter only the digits of your phone number, including area code. Select 'Is International' ONLY if your phone number is NOT a US number and enter appropriate country codes in the text field. 
  3. Enter up to two email addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Verify that everything is correct.
  5. Click "Save Information."
  6. Click "Information is Correct."
If you have any questions or problems signing up, please contact Cheryl Hover