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Safety Escort Service

The DePaul University Public Safety Department provides an escort service for students, staff and faculty whose circumstances require them to travel alone on campus, in isolated areas after dark, during times of low activity on campus or whenever there is concern for one's own personal safety. Because of the various patrol functions required of the officer, there may sometimes be a short waiting period. ​

Escort Policy - Lincoln Park Campus

The purpose of the public safety escort is to provide a safe means of transportation for the DePaul Community around the LPC campus during evening hours. This may be done by foot or by car within campus boundaries. The boundaries are as follows: Fullerton Avenue to the north including Seton and Lot L, Webster Avenue to the south including Theatre School and Annex, Racine Avenue to the west, and Halsted to the east.
  1. Evening escorts are available between 6 pm-6 am everyday.
  2. Escorts are limited to only three riders at a time. After placing a call for an escort, proceed to the pickup location.
  3. Escorts are done between campus boundaries only. There will be no off campus escorts.
  4. Escorts are done between one campus building to another or from buildings to parking lots.
  5. Escorts are not to be utilized for the purpose of moving students' possessions.
  6. All escorts should be done on a timely basis. There will be times when a student will be informed that officers are in the process of their duties, and students may have to wait for their escort.
At the Lincoln Park campus, an escort may be obtained by calling (773) 325-7233 or ext. 57233 from a university house telephone. You will then be advised of the length of the wait, if any, for your escort. ​