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Hospital Transportation

​​Both campuses public safety supervisors and officers will assist in the transportation of all seriously injured or suddenly ill students and staff members to the nearest hospital utilizing the following:

  1. Paramedics
  2. Private ambulance
  3. Public Safety vehicle (Lincoln Park Campus only)
  4. Taxi

When an emergency happens:

  • Telephone Public Safety at (773) 325-7777 (Lincoln Park Campus) or (312) 362-8400 (Loop Campus) on a house telephone.
  • Describe campus and exact building location.
  • Give an accurate description of the event.
  • Have someone stay with the patient until help arrives.
  • Don't move the patient unless their life is in danger in the existing location.
  • Give accurate direction to help emergency personnel locate the patient.
  • Don't hang up until told to do so.
  • Meet the emergency personnel to guide them to the patient.

DePaul students are reminded to carry university identification at all times.

Public Safety only provides transportation for emergencies to the hospital. All subsequent transportation is the responsibility of the student.