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News & Updates

NIH Announcements

The NIH Center for Scientific Review is hosting two webinars November 5 (University Research Administrators) and November 6 (Research Project Grants). Register at NOT-OD-15-154.

See also changes to the Research Training Data Table, and more information about applicant responsibilities in the NIH Peer Review.

See more Grant Award news on DePaul Distinctions visit the Distinctions website.


2017 Academic Award Winners

Each year, Academic Affairs recognizes faculty achievements in research, teaching, and service through the Spirit of Inquiry, Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Public Service, and Gerald Academic Advising awards. View a list of this year's award winners.

Spring 2017 Internal Grants Awards

Twice each year, the University Research Council (URC), Quality of Instruction Council (QIC), and Public Service Council (PSC) award grants to DePaul faculty. View the list of awardees for Spring 2017.

Academic Initiative Program Awards

Created in 2016, the Academic Initiative Program is designed to support faculty scholarship and new program development, In the 2016-17 academic year, funding went to 97 projects​ involving 133 faculty from across the university.