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News & Updates

Date Description Link
1/14/2022 Research & Innovation Leadership Fellows Program Applications Link
12/01/2021 DePaul University’s Convergent Research Awards RFA Link
11/19/2021 Faculty Director of Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Social Impact Link
7/1/2021 University Fringe Benefit Rate for  Faculty AY and FT staff Salaries now 34%  
3/3/2021 University Research Website Launched.  The website provides a snapshot of the research, creative activities, and innovation of the faculty and staff at DePaul. Research, Creative Activities & Innovation | DePaul University, Chicago
1/12/2021 DePaul joins Illinois Science and Technology Coalition.  Press Release. PDF Press Release
8/11/2022 NIH’s website on Scientific Data Sharing is now active ( Site includes information on policies, writing a data sharing plan, budgeting for data sharing and more. A two-part webinar series on the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy will be held this summer; watch NIH announcements for webinar registration updates.

5/18/2022 Updated RPPR Instruction Guide Available

5/13/2022 NIH Announces new National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipends, Tuition/Fees and Other Budgetary Levels Effective for Fiscal Year 2022

5/12/2022 NIH’s New FAQs for Other Support

3/30/2022 Management of iEdison transitions from NIH to NIST

2/10/2022 The Office of Personnel Management released new salary levels for the Executive Pay Scale effective January 2, 2022. As a result of these changes the Federal Executive Level II (i.e., NIH salary cap) has increased from $199,300 to $203,700.

8/5/2021 NIH Requires  "FORMS-G" Grant Application Forms and Instructions Coming for Due Dates on or after January 25, 2022

8/5/2021 NIH Issues Update Regarding Notification of Upcoming Change in Federal-wide Unique Entity Identifier Requirements

7/13/2021 NIH Issues Reminder Regarding Recipient and Applicant Grants Policy Related Inquiries

6/22/2021 NIH Reiterates Organization Eligibility and Application Submission for NIH Research Enhancement Awards (R15)

5/18/2021 NIH Announces New Inbox for Inquiries Related to Changes to Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page

4/28/2021 NIH Implements Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page

4/20/2021 NIH Expands Requirement for eRA Commons IDs to All Senior/Key Personnel

4/20/2021 NIH Revises  NIH Grants Policy Statement (Rev. April 2021) for Fiscal Year 2021

4/16/2021 NIH Issues Update on Changes to Requirements Regarding Proposed Human Fetal Tissue Research

4/2/2021 NIH Issues Reminders of NIH Policies Related to Closeout

3/15/2021 NIH Announcement Related to Childcare Costs for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Fellows

3/12/2021 NIH Announces Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page.  Voluntary for applications with Due Dates on or after May 25, 2021 .  Required  for applications submitted on or after January 25, 2022

2/19/2021 NIH Reminder: Natural Disaster Policy – Winter Storms

2/8/2021 NIH Notice of Changes in the Review Criteria for Applications Submitted for NIH Support for Scientific Conferences (R13 and U13)

1/29/2021 NIH Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2021

1/29/2021 NIH Notice of Fiscal Policies in Effect for FY 2021

1/29/2021 NIH Notice of Legislative Mandates in Effect for FY 2021

1/27/2021 NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipends, Tuition/Fees and Other Budgetary Levels Effective for Fiscal Year 2021

1/22/2021 NIH Issues Updated Guidelines for Enhancing Diversity and Creating Safe Environments in Conferences Supported by NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements

12/11/2020 NIH Two-Factor Authentication Reminder for access  to eRA modules, including  eRA Commons, ASSIST, Internet Assisted Review (IAR) and Commons Mobile  as of September 15, 2021.  Information Link:  NOT-OD-21-040

12/11/2020 NIH Clarification on Prohibition on Expending NIH Grant Funds for Covered Telecommunications Equipment or Services

11/17/2020 NIH Implementation of the Revised Federal-wide Research Terms and Conditions

11/4/2020 NIH Extended Guidance for Applicants Preparing Applications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

7/27/2022 NSF Convergence Accelerator Expo 2022

7/13/2022 Funding opportunity webinar: Cultural Anthropology Program

7/13/2022 NSF CISE Research Initiation Initiative Webinar

6/16/2022 NSF GCR Lecture: Creating a New Field of Study: Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S)
5/16/2022 NSF 2022 CAREER Foundation-Wide Program Briefing

5/10/2022 NSF Workshop for EHR CAREER Applicants

4/20/2022 NSF Table for Current and Pending Support Disclosures:  NSF has released an updated reference table regarding pre-award and post-award disclosure information in the biographical sketch and current and pending support proposal sections. The table identifies where these disclosures must be provided in proposals as well as in project reports.
6/22/2021 NSF Issues new Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), applicable to proposals submitted or due on or after October 4, 2021. Information Link:  NSF-22-1
Date Description Link

National Science Foundation has announced its Spring 2022 Virtual Grants Conference, to be held during the week of June 6-10, 2022. Registration will be free of charge and  is now open.

Registration is required:  Link





NSF Informational Webinar: Sunset of the National Robotics Initiative

The webinar will take place on June 2, 2022, at 2:00 PM Eastern.  

Registration required:  Informational Webinar: Sunset of the National Robotics Initiative | NSF - National Science Foundation





NSF CAREER Proposal Submission Logistics Webinar

The webinar will be held on Thursday, May 26, 2022, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM Eastern time.  

Registration Required: Register in advance for the CAREER Proposal Submission Logistics webinar. .  





BlueSky Training: How to Submit a Requisition

Monday, May 23 from 1:30 - 2:00 pm

Click on Zoom Link





Funding Opportunity Webinar:  Cultural Anthropology

The webinars  held on on May 23  from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern time.  This event repeats on July 13 , 2022  

Registration is required:  Link





BlueSky Training: How to Submit a Requisition: 

Wednesday May 18 from 11:00 - 11:30

Click on Zoom Link





NSF CAREER Foundation-Wide Program Briefing

The webinar will be held on Monday, May 16, 2022, starting at 2:00 PM Eastern time. 

Registration:  2022 NSF CAREER Foundation-Wide Program Briefing | NSF - National Science Foundation





Integrating the Entrepreneurial Mindset into your Course, hosted by the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center

Registration is required: Link




Lunch & Learn: National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity's Faculty Success Program (12-1pm) virtual

This workshop will discuss the Faculty Success Program in which participants learn strategies to increase their research productivity. Past participants will share their experiences in the program and provide information on the URC grant program that funds the registration fees.

Panelists: Cindy Pickett: Associat Professor and Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Julie Artis- Professor and Director of Course Scheduling Analytics; Stephani Mason- Assistant Professor

Registration is required: Link




Lunch & Learn: From Research to Entrepreneurship: Lean On Us (12-1pm) virtual

If you're a faculty member, staff member, graduate student or undergraduate student, there is a bridge between research discoveries and sharing these discoveries with others in society to experience the benefit. At DePaul, The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center is a resource that you can tap into as a member of the DePaul Community to get the guidance and support you need to translate your research into products, goods, services or experiences that others value and are willing to pay. This interactive discussion will consider how to integrate your entrepreneurship with your career and educational plans. 

Panelists:Bruce Leech- Senior Instructor and Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center; Maija Renko- Professor and Coleman Chair of Entrepreneurship; Marty Martin- Professor and Research & Innovation Leadership Fellow 

Registration is required: Link



3/16/2022   NSF  is hosting a webinar on its Smart and Connected Communities (NSF 22-529) Program 

Registration is  required: Link 




Lunch & Learn: Mastering the Media (12-1pm) virtual

This interactive discussion and training will include strategies for interviews with journalists, as well as positioning newsworthy research. 

Panelists: Kristin Mathews- Assistant Director, News and Integrated Content;Mary Hansen- Manager, Strategic Communications; Russell Dorn- Manager, News and Integrated Content

Registration is required: Link



2/25/2022   NSF  is hosting a webinar on its Civic Innovation Challenge.  Additional NSF Civic Innovation Challenge Q&A Sessions will also offered  in March 2022; see the following link for additional information:

Registration is required: Link 

2/24/2022 NIH’s National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)  is hosting a Virtual Workshop entitled: “Learn How to Report Your NIH-funded Publications Using My Bibliography” on February 24, 2022 for tips and tricks on using NCBI Account tools for NIH post-award reporting. This session is for NIH funded researchers, their delegates and institutional grants officers with specific task-based, hands-on activities.  

Registration Required: email

1/28/2022, 9am-2pm Innovation Day 2022: Connecting through Convergent Research
11/5/2021 Convergent Research- Part 2: Strategies to Support Collaborative Partnerships Link
November 1-4, 2021 NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants Administration, Virtual Seminar, Registration Required
10/29/2021 Society of Vincent DePaul Professors (SVdPP) and the Office of Research Services present: Creating a New Normal in a Covid Society October 29, 2021 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm in DePaul Center 8005 and Zoom
10/11/2021 Searching for External Funding Webinar, Via Zoom, 11am RSVP to
10/8/2021 Convergent Research- Part 1: Creating Collaborative Partnerships to Advance Research Link
10/8/2021 NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)- Data Science in Education, 10:00 am – 3:45 pm, EDT
10/1/2021 Paid Leave Workshop Link
9/24/2021 Internal Funding Workshop: Council Grant and AGIF Programs Link
9/23/2021 IRB E-Protocol Workshop Link
9/17/2021 Grant Writers Seminars and Workshops:  Writing Winning Grant Proposals:  NIH and NSF; 8:30 am-5pm, CT Interested Faculty should contact ORS
9/13/2021 PCORI: Cycle 3 2021 -- Healthy Aging: Optimizing Physical and Mental Functioning Across the Aging Continuum Applicant Town Hall. 12-1PM, EDT
9/10/2021 Patient Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI):  Cycle 3 Healthy Aging: Optimizing Physical and Mental Functioning Across the Aging Continuum Applicant Town Hall, September 13, 2021, 12:00 pm EDT Link
9/10/2021 PCORI:  Cycle 3 2021 -- Phased Large Awards for Comparative Effectiveness Research (PLACER) Applicant Town Hall, 11:30am -1pm EDT
9/9/2021 NSF Bioeconomy Distinguished Lecture Series, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST, Vitual Meeting, Registration Required
9/8/2021 PCORI:  Cycle 3 2021 -- Broad PCORI Funding Announcement Applicant Town Hall, 12-1pm EDT
8/24/2021 NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program Webinar, Virtual Meeting, Registration Required
8/2/2021 NSF Germination Program Webinar Link
8/2/2021 NSF ADVANCE Program - Recorded Proposal Development Webinars Link
June 7-11, 2021 Spring 2021 NSF Virtual Grants Conference Link
5/21/2021 Outreach to Increase the Visibility of Your Research-Lunch and Learn Series Link
5/14/2021 NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Webinar Link
4/23/2021 University Platforms to Support Research-Lunch and Learn Series Link
4/26/2021 NSF Robotics Program Webinar for CAREER Principal Investigators Link
Deadline Agency Program Link Issued  
Multiple NIH NIH Small Research Grant Program (Parent R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Expires 5/8/23  
Multiple NIH NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (Parent R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Expires 5/8/23  
Multiple NIH NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (Parent R21 Clinical Trial Required)    
Multiple NIH NIH Research Project Grant (Parent R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

4/27/2022 NEH NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication

2/25/2022 American Philosophical Society APS/Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Fellowship for Research in Edinburgh American Philosophical Society Fellowship | IASH (    
2/25/2022 NEH Fellowships for Advanced Social Science Research on Japan    
12/1/2021 NEH Collaborative Research

11/3/2021 NSF Earth Science Postdoctoral Fellowship (EAR-PF) NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF) (nsf21605) | NSF - National Science Foundation 8/7/2021 NSF 21-605
10/13/2021 Pfizer Request for Proposals (RFP) PARP-inhibitor Combination Treatments  in Prostate Cancer

4/20/2020 Internal Grant Program on COVID-19 Announced, Deadline 4/20/20  Link
3/19/2020 University Community Letter Regarding COVID-19 Link
3/1/2020 ORS and Agency Guidance Specific to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Link