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Policy & Guideline Updates


New Resource: DePaul has numerous resources available to aid your efforts in finding, applying for, and managing external funding to support your research, programmatic, pedagogical or other creative activities. The Roadmap for Externally Sponsored Projects includes the categories to identify steps in the grants process and includes links to the various departments and resources dedicated to helping DePaul faculty and staff navigate this work.

Mileage Reimbursement Update: The IRS has updated the standard Mileage Reimbursement Rate to $0.655/ mile. (12/29/2022)

04/21/2023 NIH is running a Pilot for Improving Data about NIH R&D Contracts, NOT-OD-23-115

04/21/2023 NIH  has issued a reminder on its Policies for NRSA Stipends, Compensation and Other Income; Read more at: NOT-OD-23-111

04/21/2023 NIH has issued updates to Funding Opportunity Terminology, NOT-OD-23-109

04/19/2023 The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ( AHRQ)  seeks comments on their Plan for Updating their Policy for Public Access to Scientific  Publications and Scientific Data Resulting from AHRQ Funding.  Read more at: NOT-HS-23-011.  Comments due May 31, 2023.

03/31/2023 NIH has announced  it is revising the NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Post-Submission Material Policy , NOT-OD-23-106; specifically, it is phasing out one-page update of preliminary data as post-submission material initiated under COVID

03/20/2023 NIH recently released its Fiscal Years 2023-2027 NIH-Wide Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA).

03/10/2023 NIH issued a new Guidance for the Repayment of Grant Funds,that covers requirements for return of grants funds of $20K or greater in NOT-OD-23-102.

1/25/2023 NIH has issued  Notice NOT-OD-23-053   to  remind the research community of the requirements of the  NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing (DMS Policy), which went into effect on January 25, 2023 for competing grant applications submitted to the agency.   The Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing, which articulates NIH’s requirements to promote the sharing of scientific data, is available at NOT-OD-21-013.  Additional information is also available on the NIH website.

1/12/2023 NIH has issued updated Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2023 in Notice NOT-OD-23-056.  Effective January 1, 2023, the salary limitation for Executive Level II is $212,100. Since 1990, Congress has legislatively mandated a limitation on direct salary for individuals under NIH grant and cooperative agreement awards.

1/30/2023 Information on NSF Data Sharing Policy, including requirements by Directorate, Office, Division, Program or Other NSF Unit, as applicable, are now available.



1/30/2023 NSF has issued its updated Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 23-1). The new PAPPG is effective for proposals submitted or due on or after January 30, 2023.



1/19/2023 NSF has announced updated formats for Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support  information.  The new formats will be effective for proposals submitted or due on or after January 30, 2023