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Apply to ELA

Ready to apply to the English Language Academy (ELA)? Read more below about admission requirements and your next steps to apply.

Admission Requirements

Admission to ELA is open to all international students who have studied some English and completed their secondary school education. Minimum age for the Intensive English Program (IEP) is 17 years old.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are:

  • Seven (7) weeks for students outside the U.S.
  • Two (2) weeks for F-1 transfer students within the U.S. 
  • Rolling deadline for students who do not need a visa to study in the U.S.

How to Apply

Step 1. Apply online:

Use the DePaul “Continuing Education” English Language Academy application. If you cannot complete an online application, please contact ELA by phone +1(312/362-6455) or email. We can help you complete the application.

Apply Here

Step 2. Submit application fee:

Pay a one-time $80 online application fee (non-refundable). You can pay with credit/debit card at the end of the online application.

Step 3. Download and complete the Application Essay and send to ELA:

Once the above three steps are complete, the application is reviewed and an admission decision is issued via email within 10 business days.

Step 4. Create an account in Campus Connection:

Within three days of submitting the online application, applicants will receive an automated email from DePaul University’s Office of Admission. This email is not an admission decision (the admission decision will come from ELA).

This email has instructions for setting up a username and password in DePaul’s Campus Connection system.

  1. Click on the link at the end of the email to find your Campus Connection username. Confirm that your email address and your date of birth are correct.
  2. You will receive another email immediately with instructions to set your password. For your security, the information in this email is only good for one hour.

Part-time Enrollment

The English Language Academy's curriculum is designed primarily as academic preparation for full-time students seeking enrollment in degree programs. Limited numbers of placements are available for applicants who wish to study part-time (less than four classes) or whose status limits enrollment (principally F-2 visa holders). Applicants with little or no English language who are limited to part-time study should plan to develop their basic English skills before applying to ELA.

To enroll in in classes, all applicants who seek part-time enrollment must place at or above the intermediate level of the program as determined by ELA administration

Please Note: To maintain linguistic diversity we are currently limiting admission of applicants whose first language is Arabic, particularly to classes in the lower 35 percent of our program. While most applicants are admitted, application is not a guarantee of admission. If you have questions about ELA admission standards, please contact us at

ELA's elective courses are open-enrollment courses available both to students in DePaul's Intensive English Program (IEP) and those taking electives only.

Institutional TOEFL

To take an Institutional TOEFL exam at the English Language Academy, please contact the ELA office at +1 (312) 362-6455 for more information about the next available test administration. 

If a test space is available, you will need to register in advance with ELA and complete a FERPA release form. The cost of this paper-based TOEFL is $50 USD. Please note that scores on the Institutional TOEFL can only be reported to DePaul University.