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ELA Ambassador Program

​​​​Do you like studying at the ELA? Do you want to share your love for the ELA with future ELA students? Please learn more about the ELA Ambassador Program here.

​What is the ELA Ambassador Program?

​​The ELA Ambassador Program was created to connect current ELA students with those who are thinking of studying English in the U.S. ELA Ambassadors will answer questions from prospective students, help visitors at the reception desk, post on ELA's social media, and give tours at the new-student orientation. They will serve as the face of ELA to promote our program to a broader audience around the world. 

Who is eligible? 

  • ​​Current ELA students who are enrolled in at least 2 courses
  • Completed the High Intermediate level or higher in all skills 
  • In good academic standing at the ELA


​​​The ELA Ambassadors are expected to spend 4 hours per week to work on the followings:

  • work at the ELA reception desk from 3:30 to 4:30 pm twice per week. ​
  • help with the ELA new-student orientation
  • respond to chat messages from future students within 24 hours
  • post on ELA's social media accounts 3 times per week​ 
  • attend training sessions


  • $500 tuition credit ​​

Ready to apply?  

Please submit the application form​​ via email to Cheryl Jones at ​ 
Application deadline for Winter 2024: November 30, 2023​

The ELA Ambassador Program - Flyer​​

Any questions?

Please contact Cheryl Jones at​. ​