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Placement Process

For Students

DePaul offers placement tests in the following subjects: Math, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish. For Writing Placement, a self-assessment is offered.

Unless you are exempt, all entering freshman and undergraduate transfer students must complete both the Math and Writing Placement Processes before signing up for Premiere or Transition DePaul. Students who plan to take a Modern Language class should test as soon as possible, but need not complete these tests in order to sign up for Premiere or Transition DePaul.

If you are exempt from a particular test, the text on the button corresponding to that Placement Test should be grayed out in Campus Connect. If you believe you should be exempt but are not, please view the Exemption Grid.

You can log in and complete this process at any time, day or night. Math and Writing, unless exempt, must be completed before you can sign up for Premiere or Transition DePaul.  Students interested in taking a Modern Language course are strongly encouraged to take the relevant placement exam to ensure selection of the appropriate level course. If you have no prior experience in the language you wish to study, you will instead be automatically enrolled for the first course in the sequence.

All admitted students can access and complete the Placement Process at their convenience online by logging into Campus Connect and clicking on the appropriate test button. If you are exempt from a particular test, the button will be grayed out.

  • Incoming Students: Main Menu > For Admitted Students
  • Current or Continuing Students: For Students > Records and Registration > Placement Process

Placement Tests are offered online.  Each exam/self-assessment contains additional specific instructions about the format. Each Placement Process must be completed in one sitting within the allotted time.  As a reminder, unless you are exempt you must complete the entire Math Placement before you can sign up for Premiere or Transition DePaul.

Visit our Computer Requirements page to make sure your computer/browser meets the minimum requirements for the Online Placement Process.

Please try to complete the placement process on a computer with a faster Internet connection, perhaps at a public library or school. If you reside close to DePaul, you may use our facilities. Please contact DePaul Central at to reserve computer time.

Please email DePaul Central at with "Placement Process Error" in the subject line. Be sure to include your name, Student ID Number and a copy of the error message you received.

Math and Modern Language
You will go over your Math and Modern Language Placement results with an academic advisor while registering for courses at Premiere or Transition DePaul, or at your first academic advising session.

Once you complete the Writing Self-Assessment Survey, you should read the course recommendations and make a tentative course selection. This will indicate to your advisor the course for which you feel you are most prepared. When you meet with your advisor, you will have an opportunity to discuss this course selection and make any necessary changes before actually enrolling.

Math and Writing
Unless you are exempt, you must complete the Math and Writing Placement before you can sign up for Premiere or Transition DePaul.

Modern Language
If you plan to take a Language class, it is best to complete these Placements before attending Premier or Transition DePaul in order to ensure the best advising opportunity and placement in the appropriate course.

For Parents

Due to privacy considerations protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), please have your student contact their academic advisor to inquire about placement results.