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Meet Our Fellows

​Bradley Hoot, 
Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages, Director​
2022-2023 Fellow

Bradley Hoot
"I am looking forward to working with faculty and staff across the university to build up our research infrastructure and hopefully have a positive impact on the institution."

As the 2023 Research and Innovation Leadership Fellow, Prof. Hoot will design a skillsharing program to provide opportunities for training and certification in research skills. This project aims to build capacity for scholarship at DePaul by identifying areas where researchers could use the support of additional training and creating a plan to meet those needs. The project will take place in two stages, first gathering information about existing resources and training gaps, and then designing a program to address them.

The goal of this project is to create a program that researchers across the university can use to grow, learn new skills, and expand their impact as scholars. Its results will be hopefully applicable to all areas of the university, providing a new professional development opportunity for researchers at all levels. 


Kathryn Ibata-Arens, 
Vincent DePaul Professor in the Department of Political Science 
2021-2022 Fellow

Kathryn Ibata-Arens
"I am enjoying meeting and collaborating with key university stakeholders supporting faculty scholarship and the recognition of our faculty engaged in mission-informed research tied to community service. This includes faculty and staff in the Office of Research Services, Faculty Scholarship Collaborative in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, University Library, and Office of Public Relations and Communications, among others."

We are designing and pilot testing a data analytic framework to identify and support faculty scholarship based on a comprehensive data list of keywords that faculty have used to describe their research and scholarly activities. We plan to visualize thematic and other clusters of DePaul faculty scholarship using the visualization tools in Tableau and other data analytic platforms to share with internal and external audiences. Prospective students, current students, and our alumni might learn about current faculty activities through the presentation of such data graphics in an easy to read yet data rich format.

Well, we are still at the early stages of this proof-of-concept aiming to develop new ways to support faculty research and scholarship. In the short term, we hope to identify nascent clusters of faculty scholarship, for example identifying faculty who share similar interests in helping improve human health from different data- natural- and social- science perspectives. Once certain thematic clusters are identified we might in the long term strategize how to match potential sources of external funds to sub-clusters of faculty. Another outcome of the project is to recognize and communicate – using data and infographics – the important contributions our faculty are making to DePaul’s Vincentian mission, here in Chicago and globally.

Marty Martin, 
Professor in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship 
2021-2022 Fellow​

Marty Martin
"The best part of being a fellow is to serve as a catalyst to initiate and strengthen our existing efforts in the areas of creative activities, research, scholarship and innovation. The other part that is enjoyable is to seek to create a structure, system and process that continues beyond my time as a Fellow. Finally, working with old and new colleagues at DePaul but beyond DePaul has been a joy.​"

The overarching aim of the project is to expand and strengthen the existing innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization ecosystem at DePaul along with key partners ranging from the Illinois Science & Technology Institute to Sinai Urban Health Institute. Specifically, this project focuses upon what happens in the classroom and outside the classroom. Furthermore, this project emphasizes how research and scholarship can be translated into opportunities for commercialization.

At the six-month mark, most of the achievements to date are process outcomes such as updating the 2014 Report of the Task Force on Technology Transfer to partnering with key stakeholders at DePaul and Rosalind Franklin University to envision a joint focus on life sciences innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A sample of other notable achievements include the following:

• Design of a coaching process for select AGIF fellows as a pilot
• Development of a course on “Health & Life Sciences Entrepreneurship” at the undergraduate level to be taught in the Spring of 2022
• Facilitation of interactive sessions with DePaul faculty and staff focusing on futurism and strategic visioning
• Collaboration with ORS colleagues to launch the first Lunch n’ Learn Series
• Meet with the Deans to identify internal best practices in the areas of innovation, creative activities, research and scholarship
• Work across schools and colleges to formalize some of the informal connections as a way of bringing more focused talent and resources to challenges and opportunities which span the boundaries of schools and colleges
• Partnership with Sinai Urban Health and Rush Center on Community Health Equity to incorporate entrepreneurship into their respective missions, programs and services