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Faculty Fellowship Program

​​​​​The Office of the Provost launched the Research & Innovation Leadership Fellows Program​​ ​in Winter 2021. The Program offers select faculty members the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the administration of an academic research enterprise, community partnerships, and/or technology commercialization based on transforming research into impactful discoveries, insights, and innovation. Working under the auspices of the Associate Provost for Research, Fellows will define and undertake one or two projects related to the University's research and innovation mission over a 12-month period.

Topics of interest for Fellow projects include but are not limited to:

  • DePaul Research Enterprise: Projects that support the implementation of long and short-term strategies that enhance our faculty, staff, and students' ability to excel in research, scholarship, creative activity, and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Research Partnership: Projects that propose the development and implementation of a network of strong and productive partnerships among researchers across the University, with industry, national laboratories, and research institutes.<
  • Research Innovation: Projects that propose collaboration with the Office of Research Services, Office of the General Counsel and other applicable units to enhance our faculty, staff and students' knowledge of best practices related to research innovation and commercialization from the conception of new ideas through the dissemination of the knowledge they create. Topics such as invention disclosure, copyright vs. patenting, and licensing of discoveries created for maximum social benefit are of particular interest.
  • Technology Transfer: Projects focused on the development of a business strategy for viable and innovative technology transfer; the goal is to create a financially viable “community of practice" designed to advance innovative academic projects into licensed technologies or products, new start-up companies, centers, or non-profits. Such projects should include plans for the development of a sustainable financing model aligned with the project's vision, mission and strategic priorities.
  • Student Engagement/Creative Collaborations: Projects that propose creative collaborations to financially support and showcase student research and innovation, scholarly activities and creative works in all disciplines.

    All Applicants must be dedicated to improving DePaul’s research infrastructure and committed to working in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment. Successful candidates are self-driven and highly motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit that:

    • Are full-time tenured faculty members at or above the associate professor level from any academic discipline

    • Have strong research experience and/or demonstrated expertise in technology commercialization, broadly defined

    • Demonstrate alignment between this Fellowship and personal, career, and/or professional goals

    • Have the ability and willingness to manage multiple roles, report to multiple supervisors and navigate the cultural terrain of multiple units within DePaul University

    The Fellowship Selection Committee will include the Provost, the Associate Provost for Research, and select members of the Provost’s Council and/ or ORS leadership.

    The deadline for receipt of the complete application is October 6, 2023. Finalist Interviews will be conducted in late October.

    The selection of the Fellow(s) will be announced on or about November 10, 2023.

    Required Content:

    1. A cover letter that highlights:

    i. the applicant's interest in becoming a Research and Innovation Leadership Fellow
    ii. the applicant's professional goals during the fellowship and beyond
    iii. one or two specific project(s) that the applicant may wish to pursue as a Fellow

    2. Narrative (not to exceed five pages) describing the proposed Fellowship project(s)

    3. A current curriculum vitae (not to exceed 5 pages highlighting research and innovation accomplishments)

    4. A proposed budget for the Fellow's proposed discretionary travel and operational budget necessary to accomplish the proposed project(s)/ fellowship goals, if necessary

    5. A letter of support from the applicant's department chair/director

    6. A letter of support from the applicant's dean

    7. The full application package should be emailed by the applicant as a single PDF to the Associate Provost for Research at: