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ORS Notice of Grant Award

​​The receipt of a sponsor's grant document initiates a procedure in both ORS and Restricted Accounting that establishes an internal account to charge salaries, benefits, direct expenses, and indirect costs to the newly established grant. Once that set-up process is completed, the Principal Investigator receives a NOTICE OF GRANT AWARD (NOGA) from ORS.

The Principal Investigator may not assign staff to a grant or incur any other expenses until the NOGA has been received.

​Things to note about the ORS Grant Award:

  • Distribution: The ORS Notice of Grant Award is an Internal DePaul University document. The sponsor does not receive a copy of the NOGA.
  • Project Director: Only one individual can be included on a NOGA, though the BlueSky system can include several Co-PIs. When distributing the NOGA, ORS will send a copy to the PI.
  • Budget Period Dates: While these dates may reflect the entire span of the grant, the Budget Category details will only quantify the current amount funded by the sponsor, which might only be one budget period of a multi-year grant. Additional funds will be added to the budget when the subsequent funding documentation arrives at ORS. Updated NOGAs can then be issued upon request. 
  • Tutorial on Coding Grant Expenses Using the NOGA