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​​Exter​nally Funding Projects

October 2018

Graphical Development Project

Olayele Adelakun, Olayele, School of Computing

Continental Automotive Systems ($60,000)

Abstract: The DePaul iD-Lab team will work in collaboration with the Continental Voice Solutions team as part of a second phase on the development of back-end and front-end code and design for the Tune-E application


Technical Support Assistance - MVP

Olayele Adelakun, Olayele, School of Computing

CDW LLC ($15,789)

Abstract: The DePaul i-Lab team will work in collaboration with CDW in the development of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that demonstrates the potential of a Microsoft Teams chatbot for technical support and knowledge sharing.  The goal of the development is to provide a usable solution for a more efficient and innovative means of obtaining technical support assistance and information.  


Conservation Genomics and Caribbean Fisheries Management: Stock Structure and Connectivity of Four Parrotfish Species and the Role of MPAs as Recruitment Sources

Windsor Aguirre, Biological Sciences

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm. ($60,674)

Abstract: Dr. Aguirre will oversee all genetic work for this study and work closely with the graduate student assigned to this project.  Dr. Aguirre will mentor, advise and guide the student for the duration of this project and the completion of his/her graduate degree.  He will also provide assistance with sampling and coordinate sample shipping.


Sustaining and Building Immigration Services Programs in Urgent Need

Sioban Albiol, College of Law

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ($250,000)

Abstract: Support to provide an immediate response to the current attack on refugees and immigrants through national policies that prioritize enforcement and punishment over protection.  The AILC will leverage its resources and expertise to support and strengthen "first-responder" community-based organizations serving low-income immigrants and refugees throughout Illinois, including in geographical areas of greatest vulnerability and need.  DePaul also seeks MacArthur Foundation support for a Translator and Interpreter Corps position housed in the Modern Languages department who will be responsible for recruiting and training student interpreters and translators and conducting outreach with immigrant-serving nonprofit organizations.


Triangulated Data Analysis of Violence Prevention Mobile Application

Sheena Erete, School of Computing

The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation ($16,000)

Abstract: The objective of this project is to analyze the deployment of the Violence Interrupter phone app as a program enhancement technology using triangulated data techniques. 


Social Emotional Learning Services for Nixon Elementary School

Orson Morrison, Family and Community Services

Chicago Board of Education ($11,500)

Abstract: DePaul University will provide experienced trainer(s) to provide Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) trainings and coaching.  


Healing Trauma Together

Orson Morrison, Family and Community Services

Chicago Board of Education ($225,000)

Abstract: DePaul University will provide experienced therapists to provide trauma-informed TIER 3 counseling services in 10 schools.


Julia Fish Exhibition

Julie Rodrigues Widholm, DePaul Art Museum

Graham Foundation ($10,000)

Abstract: DPAM is organizing an exhibition on the work of Chicago-based artist Julia Fish in Fall 2019 which aligns with our commitment to working with the community and Chicago-based artists.

September 2​018

Filipo Sharevski, School of Computing  
National Se​curity Agency ($11,941)  
Abstract:   Develop a course in applied cybersecurity that will allow students to work on authentic, open-ended applied research problems in Cybersecurity under the mentorship of faculty and technical directors from the top cybersecurity research institutions in the nation.       
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation  
Carolyn Narasimhan; STEM Studies  
National Science Foundation ($18,000)  
Abstract:   Continue the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Research Scholars Program, funding new or existing LSAMP Scholars with research stipends.      
Statistical Analysis for Teradyne  
Desale Habtezgi; Mathematical Sciences   T
eradyne, Inc. ($45,000)  
Abstract:   Develop a user-friendly customized software that provides failure analysis for select Tenadyne, Inc. equipment that includes data input interface, survival analysis, failure prediction and failure analysis using generalized linear modeling.      
Jumpstart 2018-19  
John Zeigler; Steans Center   
Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc. ($70,028)  
Abstract:   Train DePaul students to deliver an innovative early education program via yearlong one-on-one relationships with preschool children from low-income households.      
Biogeochemical fingerprinting of the megatoothed ("megalodon") shark: a dual study in thermophysiological evolution and seawater chemistry   Kenshu Shimada,  Biological Sciences 
National Science Foundation ($36,856)
Abstract   This project explores the evolutionary history of endothermy within lamniform sharks using a coupled paleoecological and geochemical framework.