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Outcomes from Adopting Institutions

​​​​Part of DePaul's test-optional program is conducting extensive studies about the efficacy and impact of not requiring standardized test scores for admission.  DePaul is seeing similar positive results as other top-caliber colleges and universities that have adopted test-optional approaches to admission. Ultimately, the university seeks to admit the most capable students who can benefit from an educational experience at a vibrant, urban university in the Vincentian tradition.

Offered below is information about the outcomes of test-optional admission policies adopted at various universities:

Ithaca College
Going Test-Optional: Gathering Evidence and Making the Decision at Ithaca College (Ithaca College) 

Pitzer College
When Non-Submitters Are the Norm (Inside Higher Ed)

Providence College and Stonehill College
Presentation on Test-Optional Outcomes from Providence College and Stonehill College (Illinois ACAC Conference 2012)

Dickinson College
Presentation on Test-Optional Outcomes from Dickinson College (Illinois ACAC Conference 2012)

Wake Forest University
Relishing test-optional admissions (Wake Forest University News)

Various Institutions
Momentum for Going SAT-Optional (Inside Higher Ed)

Mount Holyoke College
Early Results from MHC Study Reaffirm SAT-Optional Policy (Mount Holyoke College News​)