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A waitlist is an electronic process that auto-enrolls students in closed courses as seats become available. This enables students to get into the classes they want without having to continuously check Campus Connect for possible openings. Waitlists operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so this process ensures that students who enroll sooner have a better chance of getting into a closed course.

Not all classes or departments offer waitlists. If a waitlist is available, an orange triangle icon will appear next to the section in the Class Schedule. For courses with no waitlist available, you will need to check Campus Connect regularly for possible openings or contact your academic advisor.

You may add yourself to any number of waitlists, but you will not be enrolled beyond the maximum number of classes allowed for that term.

There are a limited number of seats available for a waitlist, so if all positions are filled, you will be unable to add yourself to the list until a seat opens up.

The Swap function allows you to swap a class you are currently enrolled in for a different one. If you are currently enrolled in a different section of the same course or in a class that has a time conflict with the waitlisted course, using the Swap feature will automatically replace the enrolled course with the desired waitlisted one when a seat becomes available.

You can use the Swap function after you are successfully enrolled in your second choice class. To set up this feature follow this path:

Campus Connect > Student Center > Academics > Course Cart > Enroll > Swap

Once you have reached the Swap page, select the Term you are enrolling in and continue to the next page. Select the class from your current class schedule you wish to swap, and continue to the next drop-down box to choose the desired class you want to get in to.

Auto-enrollment operates every hour during the first week of each term's registration, and then every 12 hours thereafter. Once the waitlist has processed all students on the waitlist, the class will move to open status if there are any open seats remaining.

The requirements to be moved from waitlisted to enrolled are the same as regular registration:
  • You will not be enrolled from the waitlist if you are already enrolled in another section of the same class (see Swap).
  • You will not be enrolled in a class if it conflicts in meeting times with another class in which you are enrolled (see Swap).
  • You will not be enrolled in more quarter hours than permitted in that term.
  • You will not be enrolled if you have not met the prerequisites for that class.
  • You will not be enrolled if you have a registration hold, e.g., Financial Hold, Library Fines, etc.

Yes, you may remove yourself from a waitlist by following the same process as for a standard drop.

Waitlists are only available once the class is full. For high-demand classes, this may be the first day of registration or, for other classes, as late as the last week.

Waitlists end on the last date to add classes. The specific dates for each term can be found by referencing the current Academic Calendar.

The requirements to be added to a waitlist are the same as regular registration:
  • You must have an enrollment time
  • You must have met all the prerequisites for the class
  • A waitlist must be available for that class
  • You will not be able to waitlist if you have any registration holds

Yes, the class will remain closed for standard registration until the waitlist has added or skipped all students on the waitlist. If open seats remain, the class will then open for standard registration.

If seats become available and you meet all of the requirements, you will be added automatically to open seats based on how close to the top you are on the waitlist.

If you are successfully enrolled from the waitlist, you will receive an email from OneDePaul notifying you, and you will have a warning posted to your Campus Connect home page. Emails go to the preferred email address you listed in Campus Connect.

Yes, you can waitlist for multiple sections of the same class. Once you have been enrolled in one section of a class, however, you will be removed from the waitlists for all other sections of that class. If you are already enrolled in one section of a class, you may waitlist for additional sections, but you will not be enrolled from the waitlist until you drop the section that you are enrolled in. For more information on how to successfully enroll in a waitlist for more than one section of a course, see information on the Swap function.

Yes, you can waitlist for time conflicted classes, but you will not be moved off of the waitlist until the time conflict has been resolved. For more information on how to successfully enroll in a waitlist with time conflicted schedules, see information on the Swap function.

No, you will be removed from the waitlist for all sections of the class once you are successfully enrolled in one.

In your class schedule, there is a checkbox to show waitlisted classes — if you check this box, you will see all classes that you are waitlisted for as well as your position number.

No, you may only see your own position number.

It is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist. If you have been enrolled from the waitlist and do not wish to take the class, it is your responsibility to drop the class before the last day to drop with 100 percent refund. If you fail to do this, you may still be accountable for the class.

Yes. Any type of hold that impacts registration will prohibit a student's ability to use the Waitlist function. You should consult OneDePaul for more information about resolving the hold on your account.

Please note that you are required to pay your tuition and fee charges immediately if the tuition due date has passed. You can view your account balance by logging into Campus Connect, select For Students, then Manage Finances. For additional information regarding payment and your account, please contact OneDePaul.

Any additional tuition charges and fees not included in your initial budget and plan will need to be added. If you are enrolled in the DePupp monthly plan, you will need to go online to adjust your budget and monthly payments. If you are enrolled in an ITP (In-Term Payment) plan, you will need to increase the amount of your payments as well, and you can do this by meeting with a counselor in OneDePaul.

Because most financial aid is disbursed 10 days before the term begins, it is important to consider the timing of your added waitlist course and the timing of your financial aid disbursement, as well as any additional tuition charges associated with your added course. If the added course will result in additional tuition charges and your aid has been entirely disbursed at the time you add the additional course, it is possible that you will be responsible for the additional tuition charges. We recommend that you contact a financial aid counselor or visit OneDePaul if you are concerned about the effect that your added course will have on your financial aid.