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Current Students/Alumni/Former Students

A transcript is a comprehensive record of your DePaul academic progress, including coursework, grades and degrees earned. Credit hours earned through transfer work and exams are not listed in detail, but do appear as cumulative totals.

Currently DePaul University offers students the choice of requesting two different forms of the official academic record. Students can request their transcripts in the original hard copy form or they can opt to request an electronic form.

Note: If you are a Barat or pre-1981 student, the electronic version is NOT available for processing.

An electronic transcript is a copy of your transcript that is available online via email. You order the transcript as you would any other transcript, however an email address is provided rather than a postal address. The recipient receives an email that explains how to access the transcript.

Note: Electronic transcripts are only official in their electronic form and cannot be duplicated.

Yes. The electronic transcript is secured and is verified by Parchment that the document was originated by DePaul University. In addition, any attempt to alter the transcript is noted and the transcript is made invalid.

Your signature is required to allow release of your transcript. You can sign the consent form using your mouse if you have Adobe Flash software. If you do not have Adobe Flash or if you opted not to sign with the mouse, you will need to fax in a consent form. The "On Hold for Consent" status is applied automatically to all orders, pending the receipt of your faxed consent. Please note that if you do not use the mouse signature option, it may take up to 24 hours after you have faxed your consent form for it to be linked to your account and the hold to be lifted.

For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, please click here.

No, this service is available only to students who attended and/or completed coursework after Autumn 1981. Coursework completed prior to 1981 is not in a format that allows it to be transmitted as part of an electronic transcript PDF.

No, this is only available for DePaul coursework completed after autumn 1981.

DePaul University does not charge for official transcripts; however, applicable fees are charged for special handling. If you require more than 10 transcripts in a given year, the cost is $10 per additional transcript.

Transcripts are processed in the order they are received. Unless you have a financial or other transcript hold, requests are normally processed within 1–2 business days, except during peak times of high volume or records that may require additional handling. Transcripts are sent as soon as they are processed.

Note: Processing time does not reflect delivery time.

Electronic transcripts are processed in the order that they are received. Unless you have a financial hold, your consent has not been received, or in cases where additional handling may be required, these requests are normally processed within one business day. This timeline does not always apply to peak times of high volume.

Note: Consent to release your educational record must be received before we can begin processing your transcript request.

Transcripts may take longer to process if:

  • Request is made during times of high volume (e.g., at the end of a term)
  • Recipient address is missing information in the request
  • Account does not contain enough information to identify you as a student

Transcripts cannot be processed if:

  • Student has a financial hold — to resolve this issue, contact Student Accounts at
  • Student has failed to give consent for the release of educational records — to resolve this issue, please go to Campus Connect and proceed to "Online Transcripts" or contact
  • Student has a library hold — to resolve this issue, contact the Library Billing Assistant at (773) 325-7774

You may request up to 10 free official transcripts between July 1 - June 30 each year. If you require more than 10 transcripts in a given year, the cost is $10 per additional transcript.

Transcripts are not able to be picked up. If immediate delivery is needed, the student will have to order their transcripts through the DePaul University website and request an electronic transcript, or choose between express delivery options a paper transcript. Further questions should be addressed to DePaul Central at

DePaul transcripts are issued in tamper-proof envelopes and are official without the Registrar's stamp across the seal. For further questions, please contact DePaul Central at

Transcripts that are sent to the student are stamped as being "Issued to Student." If you require transcripts without this stamp, please send them directly to the intended recipient.

Note: Any recipient address that includes the student's name will be stamped as "Issued to Student," even if sent to a professional or academic institution.

A DePaul transcript envelope includes only your official transcript. Additional documentation must be submitted separately. Application and/or account numbers required by LSAC (AMCAS, SOPHAS, etc.) should be entered in the address field just below the recipient space.

Your Course History Report is instantly available through Campus Connect and provides an unofficial listing of all your courses, grades and credits taken Autumn 1981 to present.

  • Barat College
  • Barat College of the Sacred Heart (from Barat College custodial records)
  • Duchense (from Barat College custodial records)
  • DePaul Academy High School (not the formerly Gordon Tech)
  • DePaul Secretarial School
  • DePaul Home Study Extension
  • St. Anthony Hospital School of Nursing
  • St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing
  • St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing
  • St. John's Hospital School of Nursing

As custodian, DePaul makes no judgment as to the validity, content or rigor of any course or program represented in these documents. DePaul can only issue the record as it was given to DePaul. Therefore, as custodian, DePaul cannot provide degree or enrollment verifications for custodial institutions. For further questions, contact DePaul Central at

Yes. If you had a Campus Connect account, you will need to contact ID Card Services in person. They will be able to reset your account password and user ID number, or provide you with updated information that will allow you access.

You will need to speak with a counselor in Student Accounts if you have a financial hold on your record. Contact Student Accounts at (312) 362-8610 or Students who have a financial hold may have an official transcript for employment purposes, please send your request to A representative will contact you to assist you with your request.

Send a fax or letter to Student Records requesting that your authorization to release future documents be removed.

(312) 362-3212
This should only be used to remove consent.

DePaul University
Office of Student Records
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

If you have any questions, please contact DePaul Central at

Live Chat is also available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

For security reasons, some internet browsers restrict downloads. Make sure that you are able to download files from the internet. Also, if you are using a Mac, the default PDF viewer (Mac Preview) will not open a certified PDF. You will need to download the latest free PDF Reader from Adobe. Click here for instructions on viewing your electronic transcript on a Mac.


Due to FERPA and privacy laws, we are only allowed to disclose information regarding student transcripts to the student. Please have your son/daughter consult their unofficial transcript on Campus Connect (under the "For Students" tab) or contact DePaul Central at for this information.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Click here​ for instructions on viewing your electronic transcript on a Mac.