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Apply to Graduate

How do I apply to graduate?

To apply for graduation, you will first need to contact your advisor and/or college office to make sure that you will meet all of your requirements by the end of the intended graduation term. Once you have met with these offices, you can apply through Campus Connect​ under ​the Academic Progress tile.  Select Apply to Graduate.​

What are the deadlines to apply for graduation?

Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Fall Quarter: October 1
  • Winter Quarter: January 15
  • Spring Quarter: February 1
  • Summer Sessions: July 15

Note: DePaul University will no longer be conferring degrees mid-summer. All summer graduates will have a conferral date in August at the end of the Summer Term.

College of Law
  • Fall Semester: October 1
  • Spring Semester: February 1
  • Summer Semester: June 1​

How long does it take to receive my degree?

To determine whether you are in fact eligible to graduate, your degree requirements will be reviewed at the end of the expected completion term you indicate. If you meet all requirements, your degree will be granted within 30 days after the end of the term. Please contact your college office or advisor to verify that you've met all the requirements.​​

If I finish my requirements shortly after the 30 days, can my degree still be posted?

No. The 30-day deadline is a federal regulation that cannot be changed. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you have completed all of your requirements before you apply for graduation.​​

How do I know if I've completed all of my requirements?

You can view your degree progress report or request an Unofficial Transcript through Campus Connect​. Please contact your college office or advisor to verify whether you've met all the requirements.​

What are the requirements for distinction?

Requirements for distinction/honors vary from program to program. To find distinction/honors requirements for your program, please contact your College or Department office.​

When will I receive my diploma?

Once your degree has been posted and you have provided a diploma address in Campus Connect​​, your diploma will be mailed within 10 weeks after the end of the graduation term.​

How do I find out about the Commencement Ceremony?

Once you have applied for graduation, you will receive more information from your college office regarding commencement and how to order a cap and gown. If you have questions about Commencement, please visit​.​