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Exchange Program

​​​​​​International students who are currently enrolled at one of DePaul University's partner institutions may be eligible to enroll in the Exchange Program. Students must be nominated by their home institution in order to apply and will need to have sufficient proficiency in English to be admitted as an exchange student.

Information for Exchange Students

In order to apply as an exchange student to DePaul, you must be nominated by your home institution. We will not accept self-nominations. 

To nominate a student, please email with the following information:

  • Full name of student, the terms for which you are nominating the student, program/major student is interested in and an email address for the student
  • Once nominated, students will receive an email detailing the application process and requirements. The home institution coordinator will be copied on this email.
Nomination Deadlines
Undergraduate / Masters
Application Deadlines
Undergraduate / Masters
1 April - Academic Year
1 April - Autumn (Fall) Quarter
1 August - Winter/Spring Quarter
1 November - Spring Quarter
1 February - Summer Quarter
30 April - Academic Year
30 April - Autumn (Fall) Quarter
31 August - Winter/Spring Quarter
30 November - Spring Quarter
28 February - Summer Quarter
Law Law
1 April - Academic Year
1 April - Autumn (Fall) Semester
1 October - Spring Semester
30 April - Academic Year
30 April - Autumn (Fall) Semester
30 October - Spring Semester

Please note, in order to apply as an exchange student to DePaul, you must be nominated by your home institution.  All Exchange Program applications are submitted to DePaul via our online application. Nominees will be directly emailed a link to this online application. If you are believed to be nominated but did not receive this link, please contact

Students wishing to participate in the exchange program must submit both academic and immigration documents.

Required academic documents include:

  • Official exchange application. The application will be provided to you once you have been formally nominated by your university

  • Official university transcripts.  This may include yearly transcripts, marksheets, exam results, final diplomas, degrees or graduate certificates.  Please be sure to include all pages of your transcripts.

    • If your official transcripts are not originally issued in English, you must submit an official word-for-word English translation. The translation must be issued by your university or a translation agency. If the translation is issued by a translation agency, the translation must be typed on official stationery, with the name, phone number, and address of the translator. The translator must attest proficiency in the original language and must indicate that the translations are true and correct. Photo/notarized copies will not be accepted.

  • Proof of English language competency. This can be demonstrated by providing proof of a minimum TOEFL score of 80 (internet-based test; no section lower than 17), an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher, Pearson Test of English (PTE) score of 53 or higher, or Duolingo (DET) score of 115 or higher, although some graduate programs may require higher minimum scores. If you have taken a test other than the TOEFL or IELTS and would like to know if it can be considered as proof of English competency, please contact your exchange coordinator at your home university.

    • The English language competency requirement is waived for students who study in a country where English is an officially recognized language.

Required immigration documents include:

  • Copy of your passport identification page

  • Bank statement that is not older than 6 months old that shows proof of funding for $1,850 USD for each month of study at DePaul. Please refer to the academic calendar (listed in a section below) for the dates of the terms and be sure to round up when calculating the number of months that you will be studying. 

    • For example: If you will study for one quarter or semester and classes begin on September 5 and end on November 20, you must show proof of 3 months of funding or $5,550 USD.

    • The overall balance of the bank account must be shown somewhere on the official bank statement. It can also be stated in an official letter from the bank, which must be on bank letterhead and officially signed.

    • All bank statements must clearly state the name of the account owner, the amount of money available, the currency, and the date when the document was issued.

    • The funds in the bank account must be available for immediate withdraw. Promissory notes, employer statements of estimated earnings, pension funds, and long-term investment accounts may not be used.

  • If the bank statement is not issued in English, you must submit a word-for-word translation of all documents or submit the Translator's Affidavit (which will be in the official exchange application). The Translator's Affidavit must be completed by someone other than the student or the account holder listed on the bank statement.

    • Please ensure that the account holder's name, the account number, the ending balance on the bank statement exactly matches what is listed on the Translator's Affidavit.

  • If the bank account holder is someone other than yourself, you must submit an Affidavit of Support (which will be in the official exchange application) with the original bank statement. Please be sure that the Affidavit of Support includes both your name (the student's), your relationship to the sponsor, and the sponsor's information.

Proof of immunizations are also required for all students. Please see the section on immunizations below for more information about what is required and how to submit your documentation.

All required documents must be submitted by the posted deadlines.

DePaul operates on the quarter system.  Unlike semesters, which are typically 15-16 weeks in length, quarters are 10 weeks in length, occurring in the fall, winter, spring and summer.  You can find start and end dates of each academic term by clicking here. Exchange students typically enroll for one academic year, Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter, or Winter Quarter & Spring Quarter.

Exchange students will be emailed information on how to access DePaul's student portal Campus Connect.  Campus Connect is where students access course enrollment information, important dates, grades, etc. throughout their study at DePaul. It is best to log-in to Campus Connect as soon as you are able in order to explore all of the resources available to you through this portal.

In addition to receiving your Campus Connect credentials, you will also be assigned an academic advisor after you have been admitted. Your academic advisor will be able to assist you with enrolling in the proper courses, as well as override prerequisite requirements if you have taken the proper coursework at your home institution. You can search course descriptions through the University Catalog. You can search for course availability through Campus Connect by clicking "Search" and selecting the term in which you will be enrolled. If you have not yet been admitted, please visit Campus Connect and select "Guest Login."

All Exchange students must apply for a J-1 visa.

In order to apply for a J-1 visa, a student must be issued a DS-2019 Form, which is requested by DePaul University. All requirements for the DS-2019 is submitted with the Exchange Application. To review those requirements, please visit the "How to Apply" section on this webpage.

You will receive your DS-2019 form with your official admission packet.

We recommend Exchange students to live on-campus at DePaul.  You can find more information and search for housing options available to you on the DePaul Housing website.

Exchange students will participate in the same International Student Orientation as all newly arriving international students.  Learn more about DePaul's international student Pre-Arrival and On-Campus Orientation here. Please note:In the fall term international students are given access to move in to DePaul's on-campus housing before the International Student Orientation begins.  In order to be eligible to move-in on this date, you must be registered for Orientation.

Register for Orientation here.

DePaul University offers a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan for international students through ISO Student Health Insurance. Health insurance is a way to insure yourself against the very expensive costs associated with illness and injury minus any policy exclusions.

As a J1 Exchange Student, you are required to provide proof of health insurance. You can apply for ISO health insurance here

For other questions on health insurance for international students, please visit this webpage

DePaul complies with the Illinois Department of Health, which requires all students to submit proof of immunization for a number of diseases.  We recommend you submit your immunization records PRIOR to arriving to DePaul.  Please note: Global Engagement is not able to determine whether your immunizations meet the requirements.  You must submit your immunizations through DePaul's immunization website in order to determine what you need.  Learn about how to submit your immunization records to DePaul here.

For any questions regarding DePaul University's Student Exchange Program, please contact