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Responding to Subpoenas and Other Legal Requests

​​​DePaul routinely receives various types of formal legal requests. These include:
  • Subpoenas:  Documents requiring DePaul (or a DePaul employee) to provide testimony or documents related to a pending lawsuit
  • Summons/Complaints:  Documents initiating a lawsuit and requiring DePaul to appear in court or otherwise respond by a certain date
  • Wage Garnishments:  Documents requiring DePaul to withhold some portion of an employee’s wages 

Pursuant to the Response to Legal Inquiries​ policy​, the OGC is responsible for responding to all legal requests made to DePaul.

If someone, such as a Sheriff or process server, asks you to accept any of these documents on behalf of DePaul, please decline and inform the person to deliver the documents to the OGC on the 18th floor of the 14 East Jackson Building.