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Practice Areas

​​​The General Counsel, Kathryn Stieber, offers strategic counsel on all legal issues affecting DePaul, and oversees the OGC attorneys in their provision of day to day legal services. Their practice areas are as follows:

Practice Area Primary Attorney
Academic Integrity Marina Merjan​
Admissions Marina Merjan
Advancement (Development) Anastasia Katinas
Rick Raguse
Athletics ​Please contact Maria Balcazar with questions​
Bankruptcy Marina Merjan
Board of Trustees Kathryn Stieber
Canon Law Mary Devona Stark
Clery Act Compliance Marina Merjan
Anastasia Katinas
Contract review
All (please contact Marina Merjan​) with questions
Disability Issues Marina Merjan (Students)
Kathryn Stieber (Faculty & Staff)
Diversity Marina Merjan (Students)
Kathryn Stieber​ (Faculty & Staff)
Employee Benefits Rick Raguse
Employment Kathryn Stieber
Facilities Rick Raguse
FERPA Mary Devona Stark
Financial Aid Marina Merjan
Governmental Affairs Kathryn Stieber​
Marina Merjan
Grants & Research Compliance Anastasia Katinas
HIPAA Mary Devona Stark
Housing Rick Raguse
Marina Merjan​
Information Security
Mary Devona Stark
Information Technology
Mary Devona Stark
Insurance/Risk Management Anastasia Katinas
Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patents, Trademarks) Mary Devona Stark
International Programs (Study Abroad) Anastasia Katinas
Litigation All​ (please contact Kathryn Stieber) with questions
Online Learning Mary Devona Stark
Privacy Mary Devona Stark
Real Estate Rick Raguse
Sexual and Relationship Violence Kathryn Stieber
Student Affairs Please contact Maria Balcazar with questions
Student Organizations Mary Devona Stark
Subpoenas Marina Merjan
Rick Raguse
University Governance (Corporate Matters)
Rick Raguse
Mary Devona Stark​
Wage Garnishments
Marina Merjan​​