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Who does the Office of the General Counsel represent?

The OGC provides legal advice and representation to DePaul University.  DePaul is one legal entity, and OGC attorneys advise the trustees, officers, faculty, and staff, all in their official capacities, on legal issues impacting the University. 

May our department or office hire an outside lawyer?

For legal advice to the University related to your department or office’s work at DePaul, only the Vice President and General Counsel may retain outside counsel.  If you believe your department or office requires legal advice, please contact the OGC.

What should I do if someone arrives at my office and asks me to accept legal papers (such as a summons or subpoena) on behalf of DePaul?

You should refuse to accept the papers. Direct the person to the OGC and call the OGC at 2-8865 to alert us.

Will DePaul provide me with legal representation if a lawsuit is filed against me?

If an employee is named as a defendant in a lawsuit and the lawsuit relates to DePaul University, the employee should notify the Office of General Counsel immediately.  If it is determined that the employee was working within his or her scope of employment, and in compliance with applicable laws and university policy, legal representation will likely be provided.

Can the OGC represent or give legal advice to individual faculty or staff members or students on non-University matters?

The OGC represents the University and generally only offers advice and counsel related to University matters.