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Raffles at DePaul

DePaul University annually obtains a raffle license from the City of Chicago. This raffle license allows any university unit or student organization to hold a raffle as a fundraising event. A raffle is generally defined as a game in which a player pays something of value to purchase a medium (typically a numbered ticket) through which he/she may win something of value through a drawing or other method based on an element of chance.  All charitable games other than raffles require separate approvals from the State of Illinois and/or the City of Chicago.

You may need to receive approval from the Office of Advancement to conduct your raffle. Please see further instructions under the DePaul Policy section below. Please contact Financial Affairs for more information regarding the possibility of hosting other charitable gaming events.

Frequently Asked Questions - Raffles and Prizes

Raffles may be held (i.e.—drawings may be conducted) anywhere on DePaul's campus.  If a raffle will be held off-campus, it must be held only a site that also holds its own raffle license.  (Although it is relatively low-risk, because raffle licenses may only be held by not-for-profit organizations, this technically means that a raffle cannot be held at a for-profit venue such as a hotel or restaurant.)

A single raffle ticket (chance to win the raffle) cannot cost more than $500.  

Each raffle ticket must state on its face: (1) the name and address of organization holding the raffle; (2) the date or dates of the drawing; and, (3) the prize or prizes to be awarded.  (If the aggregate total value of prizes to be awarded will be less than $50, these ticket requirements do not apply.)

The maximum value of any single prize cannot exceed $100,000 (cash or retail value).  The maximum aggregate value of all prizes awarded in a raffle cannot exceed $200,000 (cash or retail value).

Please ensure that your raffle complies with University policy

The DePaul University Prizes, Gambling Events, and Wagering​ policy requires university departments to 1) obtain pre-authorization from the department’s VP/Dean prior to purchasing, soliciting or awarding a prize, 2) report prize related tax information to prize recipients and the Accounts Payable Department, and 3) request pre-authorization from the Controller’s Office for events involving gambling or wagering.

Please refer to the policy for details, including the use of the Prize Authorization Request and Reporting Form to facilitate compliance with these requirements. Depending on the value of the prize and other factors, the university may need to report and withhold taxes for the prize. If gambling or wagers are involved, three months advance notice is necessary for the coordination and review by University Tax Services and the Office of the General Counsel of legal, tax and licensing requirements.

In addition, the university's Fundraising Events and ​Activities​ policy requires that all DePaul University faculty and staff members, and in some instances student groups, obtain approval from the Office of Advancement prior to planning, publicly announcing and/or conducting fundraising events (including raffles) aimed at generating contributions. Please use the Fundraising Event Clearance Form to request approval.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements of holding a raffle event, please contact us for more information.

Source: 230 ILCS 15; Chicago Municipal Code 4-156