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University Enrollment

Undergraduate Enrollment 14,507
Graduate Enrollment 7,136
Law Enrollment 794
Total Enrollment 22,437

Undergraduate enrollment accounts for 65 percent of total enrollment in 2018, compared with 68 percent in 2014.  Graduate enrollment has increased slightly over that time and today represents 32 percent of university enrollment. College of Law enrollment accounts for about 4 percent of total enrollment.

DePaul's student body is diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender and other demographics.
  • 42 percent are students over 24 years of age.
  • 53 percent are female.
  • 39 percent are students of color.
  • 6 percent are international students (on all visa types).
  • Enrollment Summary 2018

    81 percent of all students enrolled full time (based on credit-hour load) in fall 2018.

    For more enrollment-related information, download the Enrollment Summary, a comprehensive guide to our fall enrollment.