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Enrollment Generates Record Winter Quarter Revenue

DePaul’s winter enrollment of 22,269 students generated a winter-quarter record $219.4 million in tuition revenue, only $64,000 less than the budgeted estimate.

The strongest outcome came in the graduate segment, with 6,911 students registering, or 5 percent over the budgeted goal.  The 669 new master’s students exceeded expectations by 106 students, or 19 percent.

“Graduate enrollment continues to build on the positive momentum of the past several quarters,” explains David Kalsbeek, senior vice president of Enrollment Management and Marketing (EMM).  “We’ve grown 2 percent over last winter (in graduate enrollment), with KGSB, CMN, CDM and CSH all posting gains.” 

Online enrollment was another highlight.  “Our online credit hours continue to grow, both overall and as a share of total university credits,” Kalsbeek states.  “Our students seek flexibility, and our faculty has embraced this opportunity by offering more online options. This winter students registered for 4 percent more online hours, which accounts for over 13 percent of winter enrollment.” 

While not every student segment exceeded budgeted expectations, and challenges continue to arise and evolve in an increasingly unpredictable market, this quarter’s outcomes are significant given the enrollment dynamics in the Midwest, according to Kalsbeek. 

“Changing demographics and increasing competition continue to put pressure on enrollment.  To come within three one-hundredths of a percent of a revenue target developed 15 months ago in this volatile environment speaks volumes to the collaborative efforts of EMM, the colleges and our university partners as well as the value of a diverse academic portfolio that allows us to respond to shifts in the market.”

Following are the final enrollment highlights for winter quarter based on the Jan. 21, 2017, census.

Overall Enrollment
Undergraduate enrollment is 14,569 students, 97 percent of this year’s budgeted goal of 15,048 and 4 percent less than last year.  The 216,581 undergraduate credit hours are about 3 percent less than the budgeted estimate.

The 6,911 graduate students registered for 52,714 credit hours, surpassing last year by 2 percent and the budgeted target by 10 percent. Changes in graduate student enrollment demonstrate considerable variance across colleges and programs.

Law enrollment stands at 789 students, about 6 percent over budget and 7 percent more than last year.

New Students
There are 1,270 new students registered, 9 percent less than last winter but 97 percent of the budgeted target.  New graduate and law enrollment is 749 students, 14 percent greater than the budget estimate and equal to last year.  The number of new undergraduates enrolling this winter is 521 students, which is 129 students, or 20 percent, below the budgeted target for new students.

Continuing Students
Continuing graduate and law enrollment of 6,951 students is 280 students (4 percent) above the budgeted target. Continuing undergraduate enrollment of 14,048 students is 98 percent of the budgeted target of 14,397, and about 3 percent less than last winter.