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Winter 2015 Enrollment Exceeds Projections

Tuition revenue is most ever for winter quarter

DePaul’s winter enrollment of 22,783 students surpasses the university’s budget target, generating a winter-quarter record $208.7 million in tuition revenue.  

New student enrollment is once again strong, coming in 3 percent above the budgeted target with 1,324 students.  Continuing student enrollment is almost exactly as projected; the 21,469 students are 18 more than the budget target.

Following are the final enrollment highlights for winter quarter based on the Jan. 24, 2015, census. 

Overall Enrollment
Undergraduate enrollment is 15,321 students, just below this year’s budgeted goal of 15,530 and 2 percent less than last year.  Undergraduate enrollment has remained near this level since 2009.  The 224,694 undergraduate credit hours are 99.5 percent of the budgeted target.

Graduate enrollment is 6,668 students, exceeding the conservative budgeted estimate by 4 percent.  Graduate credit hours surpassed the budgeted target by 8 percent, although 2 percent fewer than last year.  New graduate student and continuing graduate student enrollment demonstrate considerable volatility by college and program.

Law enrollment stands at 804 students, about 5 percent over budget but 8 percent less than last year.

Online credit hours are the highest in DePaul’s history for a winter term. The 30,566 online hours are a 13 percent increase over last year and are 11 percent of all enrolled credits.

New Students
There are 1,324 new students registered, 3 percent above the budgeted target and 4 percent more than last winter.  New graduate and law enrollment is 661 students, 8 percent greater than the budget estimate and 12 percent more than last year.  The number of new undergraduates enrolling this winter is 663 students, which is 13 students below the budgeted target.