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Spring Quarter Enrollment Exceeds Budgeted Target

DePaul enrolled 20,362 students this spring, surpassing the budgeted target by 570 students and generating a spring quarter university record of $197.1 million in gross tuition revenue.  Students registered for 249,256 credit hours, 3 percent over the budgeted goal.

It’s important to note that overall enrollment, while exceeding projections, is 521 students fewer than last year.  Almost all of the decline is in undergraduate enrollment, and over half of that (285 students) is in the School for New Learning.

New student enrollment was a key factor in the spring quarter enrollment performance.  The 836 new students registered was 22 percent (or 151 students) over the budgeted estimate.  New graduate students generated the majority of this gain, with 539 new master’s students registering for spring quarter classes.  Three Corporate and Employer Outreach program, or CEO, cohorts accounted for 14 percent of all new master’s students.

Following are additional details from the April 14 enrollment census report:
  • Graduate enrollment is 6,825 students, 5 percent above the budgeted target and just 26 students fewer than last spring.  Credit hours taken by graduate students are 5 percent over budget, generating $1.5 million more than the budgeted target. 
  • Undergraduate enrollment is at 13,537 students, 2 percent over the budgeted target of 13,274 and down about 4 percent (495 students) from last year.  Credit hours taken by undergraduate students are down 2 percent from last year, but produced $3.1 million more in tuition revenue than spring 2017.  Tuition revenue is $2.4 million over the budgeted target.
  • Online credit hours are the highest in history for spring term. The 37,141 online hours are a 5 percent increase over last year and account for 15 percent of all enrolled credits.