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Spring Quarter 2015 Enrollment Tops Budgeted Goal

DePaul’s spring enrollment of 21,224 students exceeded the budgeted target by 3 percent while generating $183.6 million in gross tuition revenue, a university record for spring quarter.

New student enrollment of 761 students continued a strong trend established the last two quarters, coming in 12 percent (82 students) over the budgeted goal and 14 percent higher than last spring.  New transfer enrollment of 177 students exceeds the budgeted target by 7 percent and is 23 percent more than last spring.  New graduate enrollment of 366 students is 20 percent more than the budgeted target and 14 percent higher than last fall.  Both new transfer and new graduate enrollment is higher than last spring in every college except CSH (new transfers in CSH are equal to last year while new graduates are one student less). 

Below are some other highlights based on the April 18, 2015, census:

  • Undergraduate enrollment is at 14,762 students, slightly below the budgeted target of 14,827 and only down about 1 percent (158 students) from last year.  Credit hours taken by undergraduate students increased 1 percent from last year, producing $6.2 million more than spring 2014.  Tuition revenue is $1 million more than the budgeted target.
  • Graduate enrollment is 6,462 students, 5 percent above the budgeted target. Although headcount was down 73 students (1 percent) from last spring, credit hours taken by graduate students increased by 1 percent.  Graduate enrollment generated $500,000 more than last spring and $3.7 million over this year’s budgeted goal.  (NOTE: Law enrollment is not included in spring quarter since the law curriculum is on a semester calendar.)
  • Online credit hours continue to grow—they are the highest in history for spring term. The 30,883 online hours are a 19 percent increase over last year and account for 12 percent of all enrolled credits.