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New Student Enrollment Drives Record Winter Quarter Revenue

DePaul’s winter enrollment of 22,661 students surpasses the university’s budget target, generating a winter-quarter record $215.9 million in tuition revenue.

New student enrollment surged beyond the budgeted target by 17 percent with 1,389 students. This success was most evident in graduate programs, says David Kalsbeek, senior vice president of Enrollment Management and Marketing.

“DePaul exceeded its new graduate student enrollment targets by 36 percent overall and increased significantly over last winter quarter,” he explains. “In particular, KGSB, Communication and CDM surpassed their budgeted goals by significant margins. These positive outcomes will have benefits for several terms to follow.”

Online enrollment was the other big story this quarter. “Online credit hours are up 17 percent over last winter and are 13 percent of all credits. They have doubled in business, COE and LAS. The dramatic enrollment gains in online classes clearly show the positive response to our faculty offering more online course options,” notes Kalsbeek.

Following are the final enrollment highlights for winter quarter based on the Jan. 23, 2016, census.

Overall Enrollment
Undergraduate enrollment is 15,150 students, just above this year’s budgeted goal of 15,125 and 1 percent less than last year. Undergraduate enrollment has remained near this level since 2009. The 223,526 undergraduate credit hours are 1 percent over the budgeted target.

Graduate enrollment is 6,771 students, exceeding the budgeted estimate by 4 percent. Graduate credit hours surpassed the budgeted target by 10 percent, and are 3 percent more than last year. Changes in graduate student enrollment demonstrate considerable variance across colleges and programs.

Law enrollment stands at 740 students, about 8 percent over budget but 8 percent less than last year.

New Students
There are 1,389 new students registered, 17 percent above the budgeted target and 5 percent more than last winter. New graduate and law enrollment combined is 752 students, 40 percent greater than the budget estimate and 14 percent more than last year. The number of new undergraduates enrolling this winter is 637 students, which is 10 students (or 2 percent) below the budgeted target.

Continuing Students
Continuing graduate and law enrollment of 6,759 students is 129 students (2 percent) above the budgeted target. Continuing undergraduate enrollment of 14,513 students is just above the budgeted target of 14,478, and about 1 percent less than last winter. ​